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franchise 2We have extensive experience working with franchisors and franchise owners.  Our Founder, Mark Eldridge, has a strong background in the franchise industry and has been a franchise owner of several brands.  He has held a senior executive position with an international franchise and is uniquely qualified when it comes to maximizing the potential for franchise owners, franchisors, and their franchise systems.

Achieve A Profitable Expansion Of Your Entire Franchise Network Through Programs And Processes That Yield Significant Rewards

For You, the Franchisor: For Your Franchise Owners:
  • Increased system-wide revenues
  • Increased royalty streams
  • Increased system-wide value
  • Increased new franchise sales
  • Increased program differentiation
  • Increased operational consistency across units
  • Increased revenue
  • Increased profits
  • Increased franchise value
  • Increased satisfaction and retention
  • Increased accountability
  • Increased focus and mental toughness

At the conclusion of our training and coaching, your franchise owners will have learned how to modify their behaviors, create new habits and take action to hold themselves accountable for their personal performance and the performance of their franchise.  

Transform Franchise Owners Into Successful Business Owners

The growth of most franchise networks suffers from the inexperience of their franchise owners.  Our dynamic training programs are based upon proven processes that transform your franchise owners into strategic, successful business owners.  Profitable and happy owners increase the value of your entire operation and decrease the risk of legal disputes and expensive litigation.

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Train-The-Trainer Options Provide Complete Flexibility

Train-The-Trainer Options

We are dedicated to providing our franchise clients with the absolute best fit for their needs.  We offer several options for franchisors to assume all or part leadership of our programs. Depending on your circumstances and needs, you can be trained to take over one hundred percent or just a fraction of the training and coaching.  In some cases, it might make sense to integrate our programs as part of your overall franchise owner training. We want to “partner” with you at the level that fits your structure, maximizes the program effectiveness, and gives you a high return on investment. We can even help you structure the program whereby your net investment is zero or becomes another profit center.

If our Train-The-Trainer options are the best approach for you, your support staff will be given the necessary training in order to effectively deliver our proprietary programs.  The specific structure of this arrangement will be determined once we both agree on your current and future needs.

Our Clients' Results Exceed Their Expectations

Our Clients’ Results Exceed Their Expectations

How Effective Is Our Program?

The best way for us to answer that question is by providing direct feedback from the franchise owners, franchisors, and franchise systems we have worked with.  We have hundreds of testimonials from Mark Eldridge’s predecessor company (Strategic Coaching Services, Inc.) and his current company, ThinkFocusAct LLC (TFA).  TFA has expanded its services exponentially from simply providing business coaching to its current 5 Pillars For Maximum Performance training and coaching programs.  TFA’s “Maximum Performance Introspective Coaching Process” (Pillar 3) is now a much more in depth business coaching process that yields even stronger results.  When we add the other four pillars, we can confidently say that there is not another program anywhere in the world remotely close to the depth of what we have to offer.  Each of the five pillars is strong and effective on its on.  When two or more of these pillars are combined into an overall training and coaching process, our clients receive personal development few others ever get anywhere in the world.

The results our clients have obtained speak loudly as to our programs’ effectiveness.  Following are a few for your review.  You can click the link at the bottom for many more franchise-only testimonials.

Franchise-Only Client Feedback and Testimonials

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“The Planner combined with the quarterly follow-up has given the program teeth. This is the first time a third party program has made a positive change in my management style and has helped me take charge of my time and the direction of the company. I would highly recommend this program for anyone that owns a business or is in a management position.

Eric M., CEO, Franchisor, Nebraska



In the first two quarters of my involvement with you and your program, the information has generated $200,000 for me.

Dave A., Franchise Owner, Nebraska



I realize how far we have come and how much of that is due to the skills and knowledge that I gained through your program. With Mark’s assistance and his program I was able to confidentially develop the strategic plans that have taken our business from start up to nearly $800,000 in revenue with over 20 employees in 4 ½ years. After the session on sales, I was able to improve my closing rate from the 40% to in the 80%. It is rejuvenating to step back from the “busy-ness” and work through the focusing process. I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to be successful in their business.”

Cathy T., Franchise Owner, Nebraska



“I had been through the training at Denver and that was a great experience but it really did not prepare me to be what I have become, a Strategic Business Owner. My business revenues have increased 90% to 100% year over year as a direct result of this program. I heartily recommend the program to all new members of our franchise system.”

Bob M., Franchise Owner, Texas



“I knew in my gut that your unique business coaching and accountability process was the final piece of the puzzle to achieve total franchise owner development and support we were searching for. Many of our owners have said this coaching program has significantly impacted their lives and businesses and is one of the best programs ever offered. This win-win offering has helped our franchisees achieve greater success, personal balance and satisfaction as business owners. I would highly recommend this program to any franchise system looking to help their franchises grow their businesses, the value of those businesses, and to become more effective business leaders and owners. This in turn helps to increase the overall value of the franchise system. True to your word, your coaching process has been supplemental to and in full alignment with our support systems. There have been no conflicts. Everything your business coaches do and say support our systems and the need for our owners to follow and leverage those systems. I also think very highly of your coaching process. Our busy owners get to slow down, think and plan more, and go to work on their businesses, themselves as owners, and their personal lives. Your coaching process introduces our owners to effective mindsets, strategies, and practices and then the on-going accountability converts them into permanent HABITS. That process is powerful and transformative. As you promised, most of our franchises are now working smarter, enjoying richer lives, and building the value of their businesses.

Bob H., Senior Vice President, Franchisor, Arizona



“Without Mark’s coaching, I doubt my business would be where it is today. My revenue doubled from year one to year two, and by the end of year three we will reach half a million dollars in revenue. I highly recommend that all franchisees participate in this program as part of their on-going training, business management and personal development, and that it even be part of our franchise agreement.”

Robin R., Franchise Owner, California



“We have received significant value on both business and personal levels. The processes and philosophies have helped us to practically structure our business so that we were able to make our business an actual asset and not just a job. The fact that we were able to sell one of our territories for nearly five times our original investment is a credit to the principles and strategies that we learned, refined, and implemented as a result of your effective program. Each and every franchise owner, regardless of the age or size of their business, should participate in this program. Our corporate office should consider even making it mandatory! The benefits far exceed the costs.”

Dan M., Franchise Owner, British Columbia, Canada



“I most definitely and wholeheartedly recommend this programme to any person. It has enabled me to be a far more effective business person and leader, and has moved me from a rather haggard owner-operator to someone well on the way to having a successful operation that can run without me. The changes I wanted to make in my business were more about sanity and time than money, but any skeptics might want to look at the effect on my bottom-line over the two-year programme. Quarter-on-Quarter, these (monthly income amounts) show slightly more than DOUBLE figure growth – and with far, far less slog and effort than the previous year, thanks to learning how to harness my skills through this programme.

Mindset: This is a harder thing to describe, but has definitely been “The Thing” that would make me recommend this process to others. Through the planning sessions and regular “injections” of information that come through the programme, I have become much more aware of the thoughts and emotions that drive me or drag me down. Being able to work deliberately with my thoughts has changed my business and my life. I can move forward with plans with joy and a happy, certain knowledge that the way I think DOES affect my reality most definitely, as a clear Cause and Effect link.”

Alex S., Franchise Owner, Surrey, United Kingdom



“Over the last three years, the process has been an excellent coaching and accountability program for our franchise owners and franchise system as a whole. More and more of our franchisees are starting to think and act like strategic business owners and less like “handyman technicians.” Such a progression has been very good for the individual franchisees and the entire system. The Corporate Office’s decision to sponsor a “national coaching program” has been a wise investment and generated substantial “goodwill” within our franchise community. We are now entering into our 4th year and continue to see tangible benefits as a result of this proven coaching process, gathering groups of our franchisees together four times a year to collaborate and bond, and having a professional and objective business coach leading each group. In short, the testimonials received from those participating in the program are outstanding. Our participating franchisees have experienced results that include: greater income; fewer hours working; decreased “business owner burnout”; additional satisfaction and joy from being an owner; a greater sense of control and personal freedom; more balanced and fulfilling lives; and significant increases in the revenue and value of their businesses. I, and the rest of the corporate management team, strongly endorse this program and would like to see all of our owners join the program to take advantage of the many benefits it has to offer. The bottom line is that we are experiencing offices growing at a much faster and more successful pace than was the case prior to this program. We are regularly thanked by our franchise owners for caring about their growth and development as owners by offering a powerful coaching program that has made such a significant impact to their businesses and lives.”

Andy B., Owner and President. Franchisor, Colorado



“The process is invaluable, and every franchisee should go through this program with an exclusive group (composed of) all our franchisees. The strategic planning and focusing process, mindset shifting, strong strategic content (strategic selling, marketing, leadership, people management, business planning and systems), and the way Mark ties everything together is superior to other programs I’ve seen. Another huge differentiator and benefit of the program is the fact that we go through this process and learn with other franchisees. We’re able to receive both a superior coaching process and learn from each other as we share best practices throughout the process. It’s a perfect win-win scenario. I’m more productive and more energized when working, and I’m able to work less and get more accomplished. Mark’s process has enabled us to be the first franchisee to reach the million dollar mark. Without question his program has been the primary reason for reaching this milestone.

Some other specific benefits I’ve received as a direct result of Mark’s program include:

  • More Business Value: My business is definitely more valuable now. More important is the fact that I now know what to do to continue building my business into an asset that serves me instead of me serving the asset. With Mark’s experience as a CPA, business broker, business owner and franchise coach, he has strong knowledge and expertise in what it takes to build real business value. As Mark taught me, my franchise is my retirement asset, and every dollar I increase its value is deferred income I’ll receive when the day comes to sell.
  • Accountability: Having accountability in this process is what makes this very strong. Mark has done an excellent job keeping us accountable throughout the entire process. By continuing to face my challenges and issues with complete honesty, the process has enabled me to actually accomplish my goals instead of just writing them down.
  • Keeping Me Focused On Both Short And Long Term Targets: The process has given me clarity on my targets. Mark taught me the difference between targets and goals which created a big mindset shift. By knowing my targets, I’m able to put together a specific action plan that includes my most vital short and long term goals.
  • Helping My Partner And I Get On The Same Page: We’ve been able to clarify what each of our roles and responsibilities are. Prior to this program, we were operating more blindly on what we were trying to accomplish and where we wanted to take our franchise business. Now we have absolute clarity on our journey and destination. Mark has us work on both our business and personal visions. This one exercise alone has done two things: 1) created clarity in our vision, direction, priorities, targets, goals, strategies, and tactics. 2) expanded our awareness of the possibilities we have in front of us. We now have a much larger vision, the belief that we will reach it, and we know there are no limits on our ever expanding vision.
  • Staff Development Ideas: Everyone knows that one critical factor in our business is hiring and training the right staff. I’ve been able to make significant improvements in our hiring and development practices. We now have a very efficient staff development system from initial interview, hiring, and training. Our level of service and effectiveness with our clients has considerably improved.


The benefits are all around. As each franchisee goes through Mark’s program, their franchise becomes more valuable, my franchise becomes more valuable, and the value of the entire franchise system increases. This leads to more and faster new franchise sales resulting in more value in our brand for everyone. I wholeheartedly believe every franchisee should go through this program and that our corporate office should even consider making it mandatory. The benefits far exceed the costs.

Jon L., Franchise Owner, Ontario, Canada



“This program, as I can most clearly put it, is probably the best investment you will ever make in yourself and your business. I now own 4 territories, have General Managers, Field Managers, and Craftsman crews. I have grown revenue 5-fold over the last year, with double digit profit percentages and have developed key processes to keep the star core employees for longevity, not just having a revolving door.  I can directly attribute these successes and accomplishments from going through this powerful process. Mark Eldridge and this process have played an instrumental part in the development of my business. His mindset of working on your business is a key element to any business owner’s success and will accelerate your freedom from having a job to being an owner of a business—a business that can operate independently and provide the financial rewards you desire. I have been in the program for nearly two years and this course brings me back to my days of baseball. What I’ve always carried with me in baseball and now apply to my franchise is to be a success on the field or in business, it starts with the coach. A coach is a leader, a visionary, a planner and an “action-maker”. The coach sets the direction, finds the players, coordinates the plan, defines the expectations, and implements to results through practice, guidance and motivation. In addition, the program has been instrumental in continuing to help me think like a coach to attract new star performers that are self-motivated and committed to playing hard between the lines for the entire game. If you are committed to yourself and your team, it is my belief you have no other choice than to commit yourself to this process that Mark has to offer you. The process and Mark Eldridge will set the thinking environment that, over time, will set you free….. Make the choice and sign up.”

Pete L., Franchise Owner, Washington



“Originally I joined the program seeking an avenue to network with other owners that have more experience and larger franchises. If I stop right there and look for nothing else, I am satisfied. However, after 2 Sessions, I have acquired much more than I expected. The program has 2 components that are especially beneficial to the success of my business, as well as, my personal success.

  • Accountability
  • Strategic Thinking “On your biz not in your biz.”

It has given me a process that holds me accountable to develop the things that are improving my business and therefore also improve my personal success. By approaching my business strategically, I am developing processes that are not just band-aids. They are overhauls that have already had impact. The meetings will pay for themselves in networking ideas alone. Add on the fact that you are being taught and trained to be a CEO and not an employee and I can’t lose. Mark, our trainer, brings a great deal of “real world” experience. His passionate and honest approach makes the sessions meaningful and thought provoking.

I would recommend this investment for anyone that wants to:

  • Grow the business
  • Work less
  • Make more money
  • Have more fun
  • Increase value”

Tommy C., Franchise Owner, Oklahoma



“I am becoming very conscious EVERY day to make business decisions that will bring value to my business not only for today but in the future. When the time comes to sell, I will have an asset to sell instead of trying to pawn off a glorified job to a buyer. I believe this program would be excellent for all ServiceMaster franchisees and is a perfect supplement to the existing ServiceMaster corporate franchise support. The program is strong and would be even more powerful to go through it with a group composed exclusively of ServiceMaster franchisees. Such an exclusive group along with your powerful process would be huge. I am and have already made some life refocusing decisions based on the knowledge that is being awakened again from you, your staff and your company.”

Kevin B., Franchise Owner, Nebraska



Since starting with the process I have had a total change in my mindset or perspective on what is possible with my business. I was not thinking big enough! In the end of this 2 year focus, I know my franchise will be worth at least two or three times as much as when I started. I am truly beginning to work ON the business and not IN the business. I do not go to my office before 8:30 or 9AM in the morning and I am doing much more in my gross revenue. Getting the people and systems in place to accomplish this has been a big part of what the program has done for my franchise. It has absolutely focused my energies on strategic and fundamental areas that needed change and improvement in my office. Quarterly meetings hold me accountable to meet my new objectives before the next meeting! No one else I know is doing this for his or her business. No one else makes the changes each quarter to improve like I do. The skills I am learning through this program have definitely helped me in mapping out a plan to get revenues exceeding 1 million per year. And that’s just the start. I know I will sell my franchise someday for a whole lot more than the typical franchise owner. I would definitely recommend to any Franchisee that they consider participating in this program.”

Kirk S., Franchise Owner, Minnesota



“We have been through other coaching processes, none of which compare or provide your attention to detail and commitment to our success. We appreciate the balance that is offered by focusing on improving our businesses as well as our lives.  In our 2nd Quarter we began to see the benefits come to life when we ranked sixth in sales among Franchisees.

Erin M., Franchise Owner, Pennsylvania



“I am working less and less in the business and more and more on the business. I have been able to leverage the talent of the people I am surrounded with towards my personal goal to have an asset that serves me, not a job that I serve. I am able to walk away at the end of the day, and forget the work. The time I spend thinking strategically is my personal retreat. I value this day big time! It is a great investment in time and money. My wife thinks so too because this process reminds me of my priorities, which puts her way ahead of the business. I started with you about 4 months after I started my business, and your process set my feet on the right path. We are starting our 3rd year, and we’ve been recognized by our franchise as the # 1 franchise in the world out of approximately 125 businesses. My business can now run whether I am there or not. What I love about this is the fact that I have choices, and I am not a slave to my business. The goal that you stated to me at the outset ‘A business on auto-pilot’ rang in my ears and motivated me like few other goals have. I am well on my way, and for that I owe you a debt of gratitude.”

(The above comments are from Mike K. after his first full year in our coaching process. Following are comments after his second year and after he sold his business.)

“I remember the first time I met you at Vidlak’s and you said that you would help me build substantial business value and that I should start looking at my business’s value as deferred income. This inspired me to build a business that had substantial value so I could realize the promise you made if and when I sold. I began to see results immediately. I met you in my 4th month in business and by the end of my first year in business, I had been recognized by my franchise as the “Top Grower” in the entire USA. Here I am in Omaha and Lincoln and I am #3 in the country in sales my first full year. I continued to apply the Priority Management System that you taught me and by the end of my second year I was the “Top Sales” out of 120+ units worldwide even with all the more talented people added to the mix. I was the first Franchisee ever to top the $1,000,000 sales mark in a year. The “road map” you helped me create worked! Not only was my business thriving, but also it was running practically without me. This freed me to do what I wanted to do. I had the freedom to spend time with my family. You have helped me see a world of abundance and a hope for the future. My worldview has been changed forever and my life will be forever changed.  If not for meeting you and if not for your system, I would have never accomplished what I did. Thank you! As you know Mark, I decided to sell my business. I know you want numbers on business value to substantiate the effectiveness of your process, but to me those numbers are secondary. I will however say that you were right! I did see deferred income in the form of substantial business value. You kept your promise! Thanks again for showing me how to keep my priorities in focus and for helping me realize the dream I set out to make a reality!

Mike K., Franchise Owner, Nebraska

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