Leaders, Owners, and Professionals

While all of the Think. Focus. Act. training and coaching is beneficial to those in any type of leadership, management or life role, we work primarily with business owners, professionals, executives, managers, and franchise systems (franchisors and franchisees).  Our coaches are matched to the industry they have the most knowledge and experience in.  Some of them spend the majority of their time in only one or two target groups.

Our Founder and CEO, Mark Eldridge, spends significant time training and coaching professionals in the CPA industry, business owners, and franchise systems.  He also works with other professionals and leaders on a selective basis.

The specific professional and leader groups listed in this section are the ones we tend to provide most of our training and coaching.   There are similarities across other professional groups meaning Think. Focus. Act. can effectively help a large range of client types.  If you happen to be in one of the Professional or Leader groups listed, be sure to click on the applicable link for additional information and ways we can help you.

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For profitable expansion of your business and career, contact Think. Focus. Act. at 402-881-8873.


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