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The World Depends On Architects and Engineers

The engineering profession has changed quite a bit over the years.  One of the challenges we see has to do with pace.  Architects and engineers are expected to do more with less in a much increased competitive environment.  And with the rise in technological advancements and information overload, the result is a more hectic, stressful, and demanding career.  Improved productivity has never been more important.  Architects and engineers are highly trained technicians.  Technical abilities are critical in order for jobs to be done correctly.  However, many highly trained professionals are great at the technical aspects but suffer in most other business areas, thereby causing them to fall way short of ever reaching their true potential.  Architects and engineers can be at higher risk due to their technical training and ongoing technical work details.

“Although I’ve only completed the first session of a two-year comprehensive plan, the benefits of attending are very obvious. Your program encouraged me to list the responsibilities that needed to be delegated and unproductive habits that needed to go. Following through on this insight has given me almost six additional hours per week to concentrate on improving sales and the infrastructure of my department. Six hours per week is almost equal to one additional day per week to attend to business. Freeing up this additional time each week is worth the price of admission alone. The best part is the accomplishments made on a personal level. Because I am not as buried in the quagmire of daily minutia, I am coming home more energized. As a family we have always gotten along very well, now it is better.”

—Rich C., Engineering Manager

Client Service Breakdowns

Architects and engineers share some common challenges.  When it comes to client service breakdowns, there are some common problems and consistent patterns.  Below are some we’ve found in a number of firms:

  1. Inadequate Communication
    • This involves clients, project managers, team members, subcontractors, and other support staff.  Poor communication can result in mistakes, misunderstandings, budget overruns, delays, and even lost clients.
  2. Failure To Honor and Keep Deadlines Both Externally and Internallyclient service 1
    • A host of problems can occur in this area.  For example, it can create a firm culture of chaos, disarray, and last minute push to get deliverables out the door.  This can affect not only quality but can damage the morale, harmony, and job satisfaction of co-workers. It’s important to meet deadlines for clients and also to keep internal commitments with all team members.
  3. Processes, Procedures, and Work Instructions Are Poorly Defined and/or Documented
    • Deficiencies here result in inconsistent product quality and costly inefficiencies. Getting standard processes and procedures well designed and documented frees up mental and time resources to unleash creativity and better client focus.
  4. Lack of Complete Clarity on Client Expectations
    • This occurs primarily due to a weak sales process. Technical tendencies for architects and engineers often causes them to lose sight of what the client truly needs and desires.  This is further complicated when communication is weak between the internal team members and is even further complicated if processes and procedures are weak.  Vital information of client needs and expectations can begin to fall through the cracks.

productivity 1We’ve found that most architectural and engineering professionals and firms can use help in the areas of:

  • Increased Productivity
  • Selling Process
  • Marketing Plans
  • Improved Workflow
  • Better Business Systems including Operating Procedures For All Business Areas
  • Leadership Effectiveness
  • Business Planning
  • Tracking Key Performance Indicators


“In my 30 years of business experience, I have seen and participated in numerous training activities, but yours stands apart as perhaps one of the most valuable…..I look forward to attending the next session and would wholeheartedly recommend your services to any individual or business owner who wants to be more productive and enjoy life fuller.”

–Bob F., President and Owner


We live in a time of fast paced, hectic lives and business. Sometimes architects and engineers can feel trapped in their own career. It shouldn’t be that way.  You worked extremely hard to become a professional in a field you loved.  Let us help you improve your own personal and firm results.  And more importantly, we can help you enjoy the journey you’re on in your career and life.  Life is too short to accept anything less than what you’re capable of doing and having.  Investing in yourself is the greatest investment you can ever make.

The issues on this page are just the tip of the iceberg. We can provide you the training and coaching that will address these and most other challenges you’re facing either personally or in your firm.

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