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Regardless of where you and your business are today, there’s always room for improvement. Virtually all great athletes, performers, professionals, executives and business owners have coaches. Everyone needs accountability to stay on track. Without accountability, complacency, excuses, procrastination, self-limitations, and comfort zones set in. We are so “busy being busy” that we seldom take the time to slow down, reflect, face reality, and map out the critical changes we need to make in our businesses and lives. It’s difficult to be objective with ourselves and to see how our habits, actions and behaviors are impacting us. Most of us need help reprogramming the way we think and act. Most of our prior mental programming can cause us to be delusional in our thinking.


“My business today isn’t remotely the same company it was 3 years ago. My company has exploded, we are having great success and our systems are working. I now own a business, and work is now fun. My Life. I have one now. Mark, if you happen to show this letter to anyone, great. I hope those out there will make the decision to change their lives and their businesses. It will be one of the best decisions you will ever make…..I can’t refer you high enough!”-Matt K., Business Owner


Are You A True Business Owner or Gloried Employee?

Too many business owners operate no differently than just another employee.  They stay “busy being busy” most days and spend a small percentage of their time acting as the CEO of their business.  It doesn’t matter if you are a solopreneur or have 100,000 employees, you should be looking through the lens of a CEO. Don’t confuse “effectiveness” with “efficiency”. Effectiveness means “doing the right thing”.  Efficiency means “doing the thing right”.  Be efficient at the right activities. What should you be doing as the CEO and leader of your business? Answer: Leadership activities. For example, making Marketing Systems one of your top priorities. Developing Business Systems, Processes, Procedures, Business Plans, improving Leadership and Management skills, and creating an asset.  Do you own a business or does it own you? A real business owner creates an asset (their business) that serves them instead of being a servant to that asset.   Even if you remain a solopreneur with no employees, these same concepts apply.  You can make your ownership journey much easier and more enjoyable by learning and implementing our strategies.

“There was more information that we went over in a couple of long days than most people learn in a whole 4-5 years in college.”-Pat E., Business Owner

Are You A Malfunctioning Business Owner?

Some of the traits we use to describe a Malfunctioning Business Owner include:

  • Workhorse
  • LaborerMicromanage 1
  • Perfectionist
  • Control Freak
  • Complainer
  • Nitpicker
  • Jack-Of-All Trades
  • Micromanager
  • Precisionist
  • Workaholic
  • Mother Goose
  • Anal Retentive
  • Tyrant
  • Screamer, Screech-er, Squeal-er, Shout-er, Squawk-er
  • Sacrificial Mentality (e.g. “I’ll just do it myself”)
  • Involved In Everything

Do you know anyone with some of the above traits?  Don’t feel bad if you do. Micromanagement along with some of the other traits listed are common. Real leadership is uncommon.

What Are Some Traits Of Effective World-Class Business Owners?

Becoming a highly effective business owner is a step-by-step process.  No one becomes world class in every way. However, those wanting to move in that direction and to maximize their business and personal potential invest in themselves.  Our 5 Pillars To Maximize Potential are proven to be highly effective. Each one of our programs will move you closer and closer to the world-class level.  Our Think. Focus. Act. Maximum Performance Introspective Coaching Process is especially effective for business owners, professionals, and other leaders.

An Effective World-Class Business Owner:

  • Thinks, Focuses, and Acts like a CEO.
  • Does not act like an employee.
  • Continually grows bottom-line profits.
  • Maintains a healthy work-life balance.
  • Constantly asks him/her-self, ‘What am I thinking about, focused on, and taking action on right now?’.
  • Creates well-defined, specific, written visions for her/his business and life.
  • Focuses on the big picture and the whole business, not just the technical part.
  • Continually raises beliefs on possibilities using mental programming tools.

leverage 1

  • Identifies and tracks key metrics.
  • Works “ON” the business and moves away from working “IN” the business.
  • Creates a results-based, no-excuses culture.
  • Keeps marketing efforts on the top of the priority list.
  • Develops and improves mental toughness skills.
  • Knows his/her skills, talents, strengths, weaknesses, and limitations.
  • Manages and stays focused on top priorities.
  • Focuses on maximizing strengths instead of minimizing weaknesses.
  • Creates business systems including a complete Operations Manual with all processes and procedures documented.
  • Always looks for ways to leverage her/him-self, resources, procedures, systems, and people (inside and outside the business).
  • Constantly looks for ways to get more accomplished and greater results in less time, less effort, less hassles, and less headaches.
  • Is focused, determined, effective, practical, and productive.
  • Delegates low-value tasks and activities.
  • Creates written targets and associated execution-based action goals.
  • Trusts his/her business systems and people.
  • Continually develops leadership skills.
  • Provides feedback and holds others accountable.
  • Creates yearly business plans with related strategies.
  • Improves and raises emotional intelligence skills.

How do you stand on the above items?  Do you need help in improving your leadership effectiveness, selling more, creating and implementing marketing plans, developing well-documented business systems with processes and procedures, creating and implementing business plans, becoming more mentally tough, managing your people, improving critical relationships, creating a dynamic referral system, becoming more positive, improving emotional intelligence skills, working less, or earning more?  Step one is to face the good, bad, and ugly reality of your current situation.  Step two is to get crystal clear on exactly where you want to be.  Once those gaps are exposed, step three is to begin the process of narrowing your gaps.

Between our predecessor company (Strategic Coaching Services, Inc.) and ThinkFocusAct LLC, we have worked with nearly one thousand business owners and have a wealth of experience and proven improvement strategies for a wide variety of businesses. Business ownership should be fun.  Unfortunately for many it’s far from it.  There’s not a more stressing career out there than entrepreneurship.  The problem is that no school or college has a curriculum that teaches a person to be a small business owner. Even the few that have entrepreneurship programs fall way short of providing the real nuts and bolts of what it takes to develop a business and have a life to go along with it.

Both my personal life and my business have greatly benefited from your program. The changes I have implemented as a direct result of your coaching are truly powerful.”–Ryan G., Business Owner

Our Flounder and CEO, Mark Eldridge, has a unique professional and entrepreneurial background.  His many years of real, in the trenches, entrepreneurialism led to the formation of ThinkFocusAct LLC. His expertise, know-how, and experience is now available for all his current and future clients.  Being a business owner himself, Mark holds a very special place in his heart for all entrepreneurs and business owners.  No one understands better the stresses, challenges, and frustrations business owners face every single day.  Part of ThinkFocusAct’s mission is to help entrepreneurs make their dreams become their realities.  The many client testimonials prove the value and validity of our training and coaching programs.

Your Best Business Investment Is In Yourself!

Some Additional Items To Ponder

Most business owners live and operate in a delusional state.  They believe things are better than than really are.  Don’t be one of those owners. Are you running your business or is your business running you? Are you well organized and in control of your business and life? Are you regularly increasing your income by 25% or more each year? What are the top challenges you’re facing right now? Do you have an exit strategy for your business? Are you increasing the value of your business? Are you able to take enough vacation?  Are you spending enough time with your family and loved ones? If you had enough time and money, what would you do?

“Having experienced the process to date, I cannot imagine why an owner would not want to invest in their future by utilizing the tools and concepts this program provides. The financial and time investment has reaped real and lasting dividends that have benefited me personally and professionally. I highly recommend this program to any serious owner.”

–Steve F., Business Owner

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