cpa_logoAfter graduating Phi Beta Kappa with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Accounting from the University of North Carolina in 1983, Mark Eldridge became a Certified Public Accountant in 1986 through the North Carolina Association of Certified Public Accountants.  While no longer practicing public accounting, Mark has maintained his CPA license in good standing for approximately 30 years.  He’s currently a member of the American Institute of CPAs and the Nebraska Society of CPAs.

“Your program and process are powerful and one that any business owner, manager, or professional will find well worth the investment. I was immediately able to apply some of the concepts learned and realize that I can take my business and personal life to much higher levels. I believe greater success in all areas of life will be achieved for those attending your program.

—Shawn W., CPA, Partner


Mark has a unique understanding of what it takes to maximize individual CPA and CPA firm performanceAICPA-logo in order for them to reach their true potential.  After spending several years in the audit and tax departments with Ernst & Young, he founded his own CPA practice before later selling out his interest to his partner.  Mark’s experience and knowledge of the CPA industry puts him in an exceptional position to help individual CPAs as well as entire CPA firms.  His coaching programs have proven to be invaluable to CPAs.  He’s worked with several CPAs who later became partners in their firms and has also worked with a number of partners helping them become stronger in all aspects of their roles. When not working with CPAs, Mark personally works with a select few other professionals and a few franchise systems.  While Mark stays busy in these areas, ThinkFocusAct LLC and its coaches continue to provide services primarily to business owners, other professionals, executives, managers, and franchise systems (franchisors and franchisees).

“I see the benefits of your program as I am working with my clients who are too busy doing their business to effectively run their business…..This constant pressure to “do the work” prevents them from working on their business to become more profitable and to work smarter and make more money in the process…..I would not hesitate to recommend the process to any of my clients and business associates who are struggling with balancing business and personal lives.

—Dave E., CPA, Partner


Challenges Ahead 1What Are Your Top Challenges?

In addition to the issues that most other professionals and leaders face, CPA firms can also face some other specific challenges.  Following are a few you may be facing:

  1. Retaining Qualified Staff
  2. Finding Qualified Staff
  3. Bringing In New Clients
  4. Workload and Seasonality Effects
  5. Succession Planning
  6. Partner and Manager Accountability

“My expectations for this program were exceeded on the first day…..It is my pleasure to recommend this program to anyone who is like me and trying to balance a growing career with too few hours in the day. I have already seen changes in myself and look forward to the changes to come.

—Carrie W., CPA, Partner


To thrive against your competitors, individual practicing CPAs and firms must be different.  For example, what’s your Unique Selling Proposition?  Why should quality staff want to work at your firm instead of someone else?  What is about your culture that makes them want to work and stay at your firm for the long term?  Why should your prospective clients choose you over your competitors?  Are you really any different?  Do you have marketing systems and strategies in place that make your clients want to tell all their friends and contacts about you and your firm?

These issues are just the tip of the iceberg.  We can provide you the training and coaching that will address these and most other challenges you’re facing either personally or in your firm.

“I have never been involved in anything like it (your program) that can so substantially benefit me in both my personal and professional life…..I have found the Planner to be a terrific tool for putting plans into action and reinforcing the accountability of this program. I believe everyone that employs this program will reap huge benefits in all areas of their lives by applying the concepts presented in the sessions. The two years I have spent with the process have had tremendous impact on both my professional and personal life. During my two-year period of participation in the process, I was promoted to Partner in my CPA firm. This represents a major career achievement for me. Along with that, I have seen tangible results in terms of the growth of business and revenues in my client base. Your program had direct impact in both of these areas. Everyone who embraces the process and the accountability aspect will benefit in more ways than they can imagine. I am pleased to recommend this program to my clients and business associates who are looking to improve their businesses, as well as their personal lives.

—Kelly M., CPA, Partner

Does An Additional Revenue Stream Opportunity Interest You?

CPA Coaching

Think. Focus. Act. strives to provide the best solutions for maximizing both individual and business potential and performance.  Our Train-The-Trainer options are a perfect example of how we go far beyond just providing services.  In today’s highly competitive marketplace, this might be something to consider.  Combining our proprietary maximum performance training and coaching along with Mark’s unique skills and CPA industry knowledge makes for a very powerful opportunity.  In addition to giving you an additional revenue stream, providing coaching services will lead to more referrals thereby growing your client base.  This financial impact can be substantial.  We’d love to discuss this further with you when you’re ready.

“The primary item that I have gained from the process is ‘Focus’. My experience through the process has been to become more focused on what is really important to me, and more focused on what my values are, and more focused on what I want to accomplish in my life…..I have direction! I have a path to take, and a path that I have created for myself. The self-assurance that I have gained from taking control of my own direction is a great thing. Another item that makes the process good is that it encompasses all things in your life, not just business goals and objectives, but also aligning your personal goals along with your business goals to create life goals. Encompassing these life goals into my daily thoughts and plan helps me to actually accomplish them.

—Christi O., CPA, Partner

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