What Are Your Highest Priorities Right Now?

What Are Your Highest Priorities Right Now?

“The Planner combined with the quarterly follow-up has given the program teeth. This is the first time a third party program has made a positive change in my management style and has helped me take charge of my time and the direction of the company. I would highly recommend this program for anyone that owns a business or is in a management position.”

—Eric M., CEO

As a corporate executive, you carry incredible weight on your shoulders few others truly understand. And many times the expectations other people have of you can be overwhelming and even absurd. Regardless of how things are going for you at the present time, you are human, not a robot. Our training and coaching programs are especially effective for senior executives and their teams. There are some fairly universal challenges and frustrations we’ve found that executives face at any point in time. Even though you are running fast and likely have enormous time pressures and deadlines, you and your team’s personal development must be systematic and lead to permanent improvement. Done right, you can transform yourself and your entire organization enabling you to reach unlimited levels of success. Think. Focus. Act. also recognizes the fact that you are a person and have personal needs. It’s not worth it to satisfy all the stakeholders at the expense of what truly matters…your life, family, health, and relationships to name a few. We’ll help you improve your effectiveness on both a professional and personal level. We’ll zero in on your highest priorities in a very structured and comprehensive manner.

Three Common Areas Of Dissatisfaction

Team Development Must Align With Targeted Results

Team Development Must Align With Targeted Results

Executives are often frustrated or dissatisfied in one of the following three main areas. While our executive coaching programs cover a wide spectrum, we frequently assist executives in one (or all) of these three main areas:

  1. Performance and Results
    Is your team performing? Are you meeting your numbers? Are you meeting your goals? Are you meeting your revenue targets each quarter and for the year? Is your team delivering results? What can you do to make sure you’re getting the right results?
  2. Development of Your Team
    Are your team’s skills being developed? Are you making sure your team is capable of performing at their best so that you can deliver on your performance results? Are you doing everything possible so that your team can close more sales and get new products off the ground? Are you constantly evaluating and enhancing the sales skills of your team?
  3. Change
    What’s the biggest change you’re dealing with right now? Are your team members resisting this change? What are you doing so that your team better accepts current and future changes?

What Are Your Top Priorities? Are they in one of the above three areas? Managing and focusing on your top priorities is critical. Our training and coaching programs are customized to be in alignment with your most pressing priorities at any point in time. We realize that your priorities change on a regular basis so we react with you to help you deal with what’s most important at the present time.

 A Few Questions To Ponder

Being brutally honest with yourself, do you believe your company’s strategy (i.e. your long-term plan for growth and profitability) will lead to your targeted success level?

  • What about your employees and customers? Do they truly understand your strategy?
  • Are you totally confident in your teams’ ability to deliver on their promises?
  • What keeps you awake at night?
  • What gives you anxiety and the most frustrations?
  • Are you better than your competition? If you say ‘Yes’, do you have a list of solid, compelling reasons why you’re better? If I asked your competitors if they were better than you, would they say ‘Yes’?

Go back through the above questions, then answer the following: “What are you proactively doing to address these issues? How much are these things costing your company? How much is it costing you in both financial and non-financial ways?”

“Little did I know that it (your program) would be the single best personal and professional program I have ever been involved in.  I have come away from each session ready to take on my professional challenges and re-evaluate my personal goals and aspirations. Thank you so much.  What a great investment it has been. The “process” (and I do mean “process”) has been very helpful for me. My business and personal life have improved dramatically over the past two years. Also, strategic thinking has become a continuous effort of mine instead of a once-in-a-year occurrence. I believe this is a direct result of your program. I am a strong advocate. I have referred this program to many people—many of which are now enrolled. And possibly the greatest testimonial of all, I have also referred you to my superiors and peers in my company. I believe in the value of your program. I have grown personally and professionally from my involvement. I look forward to practicing the key concepts learned in this program for many years to come, namely, “make more-work less-and enjoy richer lives” as you have stated continuously throughout the past two years.”

—Dan G., President

Other Common Frustrations

The reality is that everyone says they’re the best but have no unique or compelling reasons for their beliefs. That means there is a lot of delusional thinking and beliefs that can’t be substantiated. Most executives have concerns about their sales numbers, profitability, and market position. Do you have other concerns or frustrations? Do you ever experience any of the below frustrations?

  • Having too many conflicting priorities.
    frustration 3

    What Are Your Top Frustrations?

  • Not leveraging all your core capabilities to support strategies.
  • Not having resources allocated in a way that really supports company strategies.
  • A feeling that day-to-day decisions may not be in alignment with strategies.
  • Not having complete visibility and knowledge of the important things going on in your company.
  • Not enough meaningful data at your fingertips. Knowing all the data is there but frustrated by lack of what you really need to keep your finger on the pulse of the business.
  • Lack of satisfaction with team’s performance and/or questioning if other team members are truly on board with the company’s strategic plan. Do you say, “We only hire the top ‘A’ players”? If so, in your heart of hearts, do you really believe that statement?
  • Team moving too slowly and not acting with enough energy and urgency to get things done. Is your team hustling like you are? If not, why not?
  • Lack of Control. Not having full control over your company’s direction. Are you steering the ship like a laser beam to reach your ultimate destination?
  • Employees not “getting it”. Are your employees efficient and productive on the right activities? Or are they working on things that don’t really align and relate to your company’s strategies?
Always Be Developing Both Leadership and Management Skills

Always Be Developing Both Leadership and Management Skills

Face Reality On Your Management Skills

Are Your Leadership and Management Skills Growing? Leadership and Management aren’t the same thing. However, they interrelate and the two fit together like hand and glove. Are there effective development programs in place to build the future leaders of your company? The key word is “effective”. Most corporations spend significant funds to develop their people. However, in our experience when we ask leaders to provide us with specific benefits a particular “management training” program provided, we get no real benefits. The Think. Focus. Act. training and coaching programs are all designed for permanent change and improvement. We don’t just motivate people. That’s a waste of time. We can help you and your team members to improve in the critical areas that enable them to maximize their performance and potential.

The hard reality is that studies show that most executives do a lousy job when it comes to people management. The focus is so strong on the bottom line that mentoring programs suffer greatly. The irony is in the fact that by improving people management and development, by default the bottom line improves.

“Our district performance has climbed from 24th nationally to 12th and we are competing for the RBD Award, which is awarded to the first place district within our Southeast Region. We have embraced this process as the foundation from which all other strategies grow.”

—Jeff M., Fortune 500 District Manager


Boards of directors consistently rank “mentoring skills” as a top weakness of CEOs. Boards are concerned that the next generation of leadership is not adequately being developed. Executives simply must improve themselves and have effective mentoring and development programs in place to develop future leaders instead of having a short-term quarterly focus on the numbers. This kind of short-term thinking inhibits growth. Our Mental Toughness, Mental Programming, and Emotional Intelligence training and coaching programs are great for executives, managers, and their respective teams to improve their performance and get on a track to maximize their true potential.

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