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Think. Focus. Act Coaching and Training Formats

We Use The Best Format for Our Clients

We Use Formats Best Suited For Our Clients’ Needs

We offer formats that are best suited to our clients’ needs, schedule, and budget. Each client engagement includes a customized coaching program and can include one, all, or any combination of the following formats.

  1. One-on-One
  2. Group Sessions
  3. Video

Accomplish 100% Of Your Goals Using The Think. Focus. Act. (TFA) Goals Process

TFA Goal Process Is Laser Focused For Results

TFA Goal Process Is Laser Focused For Results

We use a unique process that is laser focused and ensures all your goals are accomplished, not just written down. We call your goals “TFA Goals”. Rest assured that by following our process you will have victory after victory with each one moving you closer to the achievement of your ultimate objectives and visions. Being by your side, guiding you through each step of the journey, holding you accountable, and providing you the right maximum performance coaching and training tools leads to the business and life success of your dreams.  Our process is proven, effective, and backed up by our many client testimonials and results.



Specific topics included are based on our clients’ most pressing needs.  Prior to the start of any client engagement, our in-take interview process is used to chart the course and topics of each client program.  Topics covered can include some or all of the following:

  • Mental Programming (Self-Talk)
    • Specific tools used that are 100% scientifically-proven effective
  • Mental Toughness
    • Learnable skills  from the greatest performers in the world
  • Maximum Performance Introspective Coaching Process (any or all of the following topics can be included with any coaching program)
    • Selling
    • Marketing
    • Relationship Building
    • Business Systems and Operations Manual
    • Business Planning
    • Leadership
    • Managing People
    • Time Management and Productivity
    • TFA Goal Setting Process
    • Priority Management
    • Letting Go to Grow and Live
  • Emotional Intelligence
    • Specific process with eight learnable competencies to raise emotional intelligence/quotient (EQ) scores
  • Life Coaching
    • Tailored to focus on our clients’ most pressing needs and challenges

We’rresultse laser focused on getting the results you want for your business, career, and life and will dedicate ourselves to accomplishing your goals and objectives.  Our track record speaks for itself.  Working together with you, we’ll get absolute clarity on the area(s)
to help you maximize your performance and potential.  We’ll get clear on your targets and objectives and develop a clear structure to get you from where you are today to where you want to go and to reach the specific results you’re looking for.


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