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The breakthrough on the discovery of neuroplasticity is that the brain is designed to change throughout our lifetime. We have learned the role that our thoughts play in the wiring of the brain, and the creation of our success as individuals. Aided by the discovery of neuroplasticity, our training literally enables our clients to learn to rewire their brains for themselves. The business and personal results are proven!

Self-talk, compared to other forms of training, is scientifically-based, which separates it from most all other Neuroplasticity bookforms of performance training. Our company is on the front of the wave in this cutting edge science. Our alliance with Shad Helmstetter and the Self-Talk Institute has enabled us to bring this invaluable information and training to our clients and thereby created even more value and uniqueness to our coaching and training processes.

The “holy grail” of personal growth has been the elusive goal for so many people who wanted to make their lives better. Now, with the discovery that the brain rewires itself with the input we give it, we have found the answer we were looking for: if you want to change your life, change your wiring.

“Mental Programming and self-talk have been instrumental in anything I’ve wanted to do.  The results have been probably the best thing I’ve taken away from the Think. Focus. Act. program.  It’s amazing just how quickly I can turn my attitude and things around and get right back on track.”

—Rhonda A., Franchise Business Owner, Michigan


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Mark Eldridge, Founder and CEO of ThinkFocusAct LLC, is one of only a very few Certified Self-Talk Trainers in the world. Whether you’re interested in mental programming/self-talk training as a stand-alone program or integrating this training as part of the Think. Focus. Act. Maximum Performance Process, Mark and his team can rapidly begin improving your performance with these proven training methods.

We can also deliver The Self-Talk For Success SeminarTM at associations or groups you may be involved in locally, regionally, or nationally. You will be able to immediately start using our self-talk tools that have been developed over the last 30 years.

“Self-Talk has helped tremendously.  I’ve been through a lot of ups and downs over the last couple of years.  When I get down I listen to it, and it brings me back up, gets me back focused, and gets me going.”

—Joe K., Franchise Business Owner, Georgia


The Self-Talk For Success SeminarTM

In this presentation, you’ll learn why some people succeed, and why others fail–based on the latest scientific research, but presented in terms everyone will be able to understand and apply.

Learn how everything we say literally rewires our brain, and how anyone can rewire his or her brain for success. The science of self-talk teaches you how to:

  • Immediately increase productivity.
  • Set better goals, and learn how to reach them.
  • Change an average attitude into a winning attitude.
  • Learn scientific self-talk techniques and skills that immediately help you to rewire your brain for success.
  • Use self-talk techniques in every important area of your business and personal life.

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“Mental Programming and self-talk have helped me to address the negative issues that all of us carry. You have to be brutally honest with yourself about where you’re shortcomings are. That’s painful but when you see the results of the Think. Focus. Act. training and you feel the positive aspects of your life, it’s well worthwhile.”

—Andy S.., Franchise Business Owner, Georgia


As with our other programs, mental programming training can be a stand-alone program or integrated into the Think. Focus. Act. Maximum Performance Process.

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