Think. Focus. Act.® Maximum Performance Introspective Coaching Process

If any of the following seem familiar, this is the program for you!

  • Sales and profits are below your expectations
  • Your business seems to be running you because you are not focused on the actions and activities that will maximize your true potential
  • You feel limited as to how you can:
    • achieve your visions/goals
    • increase your revenue
    • grow your business
    • increase your profitability
    • hire and retain the best employees
    • maintain a balanced life
  • Your processes and procedures are not being implemented consistently
  • Limiting beliefs are holding you back preventing you from reaching your true potential
  • Your performance and results simply don’t match up with the goals for your business
  • You lack accountability
  • You need to improve in one of the following areas:
    • Sales Processes
    • Marketing Efforts
    • Leadership Effectiveness
    • Business Systems
    • Business Planning
    • Managing People

The Think. Focus. Act. ®  Maximum Performance Process is a comprehensive self-examination and accountability program. The TFA process emphasizes the building of permanent and positive behavioral change by reconciling your vision and goals with your habits, actions and behaviors.

“Your program and process are powerful and one that any business owner, manager, or professional will find well worth the investment. I was immediately able to apply some of the concepts learned and realize that I can take my business and personal life to much higher levels. I believe greater success in all areas of life will be achieved for those attending your program.”

—Shawn W., CPA, Partner, Nebraska


A typical exercise might be:

What are the dreams and desires that motivated me to start this business?
Are my actions helping to make this business a success and maximizing its true potential?  
If my actions are inconsistent with my goals, what can I change?


This program forces congruity between what you say you want (visions and goals) and what you are actually doing (habits, actions, and behaviors). It then compels the choice where incongruity exists: either change the vision/goal or change the habits/actions/behaviors. Any other choice is delusional.

“I have been able to become more proactive in my business.  I am no longer “reacting” to what’s happening around me.  I am causing and directing the action… I have been put back in touch with why I went into business in the first place and how to get the results I’ve been looking for!”

—Erica N., Franchise Business Owner, Connecticut

Our method builds mental toughness through a process of self-examination. The process has been tested and proven.  For maximum effectiveness, program content is tailored to fit your specific situation.

Attaining goals/action congruence is step one.  Our program enables you to become a master at setting, assessing, overcoming obstacles, tracking, and reaching your goals and holds you responsible for the action steps you create to achieve your goals.  We’ll help keep you accountable for executing the game plan you create. You will have a better plan for achieving and maintaining profitability.  Eventually, the self-examination process instilled as a result of the TFA program will become second nature.

As a result of TFA coaching, you will become:

  • Better able to deal with the unexpected because you’ve learned to adjust your plans to accomplish your goals
  • More accountable because you have committed to an action plan you’ve created
  • More resilient as a result of your mental toughness which was forged through an honest self-examination and reconciliation of goals and behaviors
  • Grounded financially and better able to build significant value in your business
  • Less frustrated because your visions/goals and habits/actions/behaviors are now aligned

“How do we escape the trap of “Working in our Business” versus gaining freedom by learning how to “Work on our Business”? The answer is we need the help of a coach, a proven success system and our own willingness to step out of our comfort zone. I found such a solution when I crossed paths with Mark Eldridge. I have participated in this effective process for about a year and can state without reservation that their program produces fantastic results! My exposure to their coaching program has helped me identify and develop new revenue streams for our business that will put us on track for our best year since our consulting practice was founded!! The ideas, information and proven process they have mastered has helped me achieve greater balance in my life. I strongly recommend Mark Eldridge if you are serious about achieving better results in everything you do. Don’t delay working with them if you really want to achieve your personal and professional best.”

—Jerome H., Chief Operating Officer/Partner, Nebraska


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