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MTU-logo-newThe University of Mental Toughness (UMT) builds permanent and positive habits, actions and behaviors which lead to increased business revenues and profitability.

With UMT, you reach that rarefied air where you have the confidence to face your fears, uncertainties, doubts and suspicions. Only by holding yourself accountable will you become great.

“Mental Toughness is the key to success.”—Andy S., Franchise Business Owner, Virginia


Mental Toughness is Psychological Performance Training.  The program process was created by Steve Siebold, a former professional athlete, international coach, and internationally renowned businessman. He is the author of several books including the business best seller, 177 Mental Toughness Secrets of the World Class, and began studying Mental Toughness Training as a world-class junior tennis player in the 1970’s.

“The Mental Toughness training has been phenomenal. It’s made me more aware of processes I didn’t even know existed.  I can think easier, more logically, and can do more in less time.”

—Luke G., Franchise Business Owner, Kentucky

Steve created the program because he recognized that most athletes, performers and business leaders want to live the life of the world class but are unwilling to pay the price. They delude themselves into thinking that they are doing everything in their power to get ahead. They are not. They’ll tell you they’re working day and night. They are not. They’ll swear they are thinking about their business all the time. They are not. World class performers, on the other hand, are brutally honest with themselves. Champions know that, to reach the top, you must first be operating from a mindset of objective reality. Self-deception and delusion have no place in the professional performer’s consciousness.

“You have given us a new perspective and a new approach.”

—Kevin S., Fortune 500 Regional VP

UMT instills brutal honesty and creates an inner and lasting emotional transformation. The program is comprehensive and complements any business and process oriented training you and your team may be getting. The content is custom tailored to fit your situation and your specific needs.  

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UMT Helps Companies Increase Sales and Move Market Share by Creating a No Excuses-High Performance Culture

At UMT, clients learn to take full responsibility for their success and failure. They come to understand that accepting personal accountability is tough and it won’t happen all at once. Like any new skills, personal accountability and mental toughness are strengthened when practiced consistently and systematically. Just as physical conditioning is best engaged as a process, so is mental toughness.

During the course of the program, participants learn to:

  1. Have fun, make more money and get mentally tough at the same time
  2. Avoid the most common killer of champions
  3. Develop the laser focus of a true champion…and the secret they call Tiger Mentality
  4. Identify the real reasons most business owners fail
  5. Build a bag of mental toughness exercises to help them come out on top in any situation
  6. Propel the performance of their businesses and careers to levels they never thought possible

“The past two years my company has grown 19% year one, and 26% year two!  I now average 45 hours/week instead of 60+ as before.”

—Don E., Business Owner, Nebraska

University of Mental Toughness is a Process…Not a program

UMT is about training people how to think like world-class performers, and how to control and manipulate their own emotions for maximum performance.  UMT is a cross between emotional intelligence training and critical thinking.  It’s an introspective process that causes people to examine their thoughts, feelings, attitudes, and beliefs and how they directly impact their results with prospects and customers.  We call this process, ‘Facilitated Introspection.’

“In our 2nd Quarter we began to see the benefits come to life when we ranked sixth in sales among Franchise Owners.”

—Erin M., Franchise Business Owner, Pennsylvania

The Benefits of Mental Toughness Training

Develop World-Class Mental Toughness Skills

Develop World-Class Mental Toughness Skills

  • Increased Sales
  • Improved Change Management Skills
  • World-Class Development
  • Greater Engagement/Job Satisfaction
  • Higher Retention Rates
  • Better Customer Service
  • Enhanced Hiring Criteria
  • World-Class Performance Under Pressure



“While my entire district was exposed to Mental Toughness University in St. Petersburg, we were fortunate enough to have six representatives participate in the conference call follow up program. During this time our district performance has climbed from 24th nationally to 12th and we are competing for the RBD Award, which is awarded to the first place district within our Southeast Region. We have embraced this process as the foundation from which all other strategies grow.”

—Jeff M., Fortune 500 District Manager



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