Thousands of business owners, professionals, executives, and managers rely on the programs provided by Think. Focus Act. to help them achieve their ultimate vision.

Thousands of business owners, professionals, executives, and managers rely on the programs provided by Think. Focus Act. to help them gain more clarity, focus and satisfaction with their business, career, and their lives. We have hundreds of testimonials from Mark Eldridge’s predecessor company (Strategic Coaching Services, Inc.) and his current company, ThinkFocusAct LLC (TFA).  TFA has expanded its services exponentially from simply providing business coaching to its current 5 Pillars For Maximum Performance training and coaching programs.  TFA’s “Maximum Performance Introspective Coaching Process” (Pillar 3) is now a much more in depth business coaching process that yields even stronger results.  When we add the other four pillars, we can confidently say that there is not another program anywhere in the world remotely close to the depth of what we have to offer.  Each of the five pillars is strong and effective on its on.  When two or more of these pillars are combined into an overall training and coaching process, our clients receive personal development few others ever get anywhere in the world.

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Following are testimonials from some of our current and previous coaching clients:

“My business today isn’t remotely the same company it was 3 years ago. My company has exploded, we are having great success and our systems are working. I now own a business, and work is now fun. My Life. I have one now. Mark, if you happen to show this letter to anyone, Great. I hope those out there will make the decision to change their lives and their business. It will be one of the best decisions you will ever make…..I can’t refer you high enough.”

Matt K., Owner  (Waterloo, Nebraska)

“I am the owner of a business brokerage company. In addition, I have been an attorney for more than 25 years and have previously owned several other companies. I have been working with Mark Eldridge and his program for a full year. The program is very successful…..It is my personal and professional belief that any business owner or senior manager who attends the sessions, interacts with the other business owners at those sessions, and follows through with his or her action plan, will not only increase significantly the value of their company but their personal satisfaction with that company as well…..I highly recommend this program.”

Frank H., Attorney and Business Owner  (Omaha, Nebraska)

The “take-aways” from the program justify the cost of the program many times over. One of the primary benefits of your program is the MINDSET shifts and clarifications that you facilitate. You consistently brought to the table new perspectives and strategies that significantly impacted the overall health of my business. I love the program and see it to be a highly valuable tool. I personally would like to see this program rolled out to the entire franchise network.”

-Jennifer M., Franchise Owner (Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada)

I am happy to report that I have been able to save 1 day per week, an amazing 20% of my work time, by applying some of the techniques from the sessions. This process enabled me to focus more strategically, examine and remove much of the clutter, apply the 80/20 rule, develop/document business systems, and improve the bottom line of my business. Thank you for turning on the light bulb.

-Shawn W., Franchise Owner (Omaha, Nebraska)

The most important benefit for me going through the process has been the shift in mindset. I have made great strides by analyzing every activity we do in the business and working towards streamlining and systematizing the activity to allow time for those revenue generating activities. I now have a more balanced work and balanced life with the energy and focus to grow the business.”

-Sandy L., Franchise Owner (Keller, Texas)

“In the first two quarters of my involvement with you and your program, the information has generated $200,000 for me.”

-Dave A., President and Franchise Owner (Omaha, Nebraska)

“When I first heard about your coaching program, I was highly skeptical about the benefits it could provide my law firm. I am happy to report that the program has easily satisfied this cost/benefit analysis due to the positive changes I have made in my business resulting from thinking like an owner, as opposed to an employee. This change in mindset alone has already saved me a significant amount of time each day in my business. I have made tremendous strides in running my business as an owner rather than as an employee. Most importantly, your program has brought into focus for me just what is truly important to me: my faith and family. I would encourage any business owner to consider your program. It is certainly worth the investment of time and money.”

-Eric L., Attorney (Omaha, Nebraska)

“Becoming a part of the Think Focus Act group was a definite asset to my business. I was inspired after the first initial meeting in Chicago. TFA allowed me to reflect on what, why and how I was conducting my current business policy/procedures and how to improve them. I highly recommend anyone searching for that extra lift to their current business/personal growth to enroll in the TFA program, you won’t be disappointed.”

-Kim J., Franchise Owner (Mt. Zion, Illinois)

“I wanted to let you know what a profound impact the coaching process has had on my personal life. I have more time for my wife who is starting to feel valued again. As a result, we are experiencing more closeness as a couple and our relationship is benefiting. My home life is improving. The reality is that I’m starting to enjoy my job more and my personal life is becoming more rewarding. I am a fan of your process and I look forward to our future retreats.”

-Justin T., Senior Executive (Lincoln, Nebraska)

When I called you to help me with taking my business to the next level and balance my family life I had no idea that after only 2 classes I would have results. I have implemented processes and standards that have allowed my organization to run more smoothly and I feel more confident leaving my business when I am out on vacation or concentrating on the marketing side to grow my business.”

-Debbie B., Franchise Owner (Omaha, Nebraska)

“In addition to the rewards of seeing and commiserating with other franchisees, Mark’s knowledge of our franchise business model made this a much more personal class than other “coaching” classes would be. I knew Mark understood some of our challenges as well as our processes. His help and guidance was always on target. What I enjoyed most was the time it demanded of me to do some very deep self-reflection. I always walked away from a session feeling good about my decision to become my own boss and purchase a franchise. My experience was exceptional.”

-Patti A., Franchise Owner (Cranston, Rhode Island)

As business owners for the first time, we found this program to be extremely helpful in keeping our business plans on track. Because of this program, we made very systematic changes to our business operations to help set ourselves up for growth. The biggest value we derived was based on the fact that our group was made up solely of our franchisees. Mark is an excellent facilitator who adds great insight, has learned a great deal about our franchise, and truly cares about the people he works with.”

-Dave and Carla S., Franchise Owners (Redondo Beach, California)

“The program has helped me define what I want from my business, what the business will look like, and provides a system to keep myself accountable for the objectives necessary to get there. Every quarter we meet and look at one or two aspects of the business only and focus on them. We make progress one step at a time to achieve our long-term goals. It is an ongoing process to help you decide where you want your business to be and help you create the plan and accountability process to bring the plan to life.”

-Bryan K., Franchise Owner (Minneapolis, Minnesota)

“As a new business owner the hardest thing for me to cope with is that my 10 year successful, hard-earned corporate career has not in any way, shape, or form prepared me for this experience.  I truly felt like I was starting my business career from scratch and that my corporate experience was not useful. The program helps to remind me that in the midst of the many challenges, I should never lose sight of the ultimate goals.  The most important thing this process has helped me with is not feeling guilty for letting go of the everyday tasks and concentrating on the long-term success of my business.”

-Carla F., Franchise Owner (San Antonia, Texas)

“I would not hesitate to recommend this program to any business owner, manager, entrepreneur or anybody else looking to gain more balance in their life while at the same time enhancing the value of their business and gaining more financial security.”

-Randy K., CPA, Shareholder (Omaha, Nebraska)

“In the two months since I have been “growing” with this program I find myself asking “What do I need to do to accomplish _____?” Thinking this way has helped my focus on reaching my goals both personally and professionally. It forces me to prioritize the things that will have an impact on my goals rather than just what is right in front of me. Having the Planner to review is a great reminder of what I want to do, especially the personal goals. It is so easy to prioritize work now because the business has only been open for three months, but the Planner reminds me that I need to find the time to balance that with my personal life.   It also reminds me that I need to continually keep the clutter away. I have delegated more tasks to others at the business, and I find that this has allowed me the time I need to focus on putting systems in place. The last two months have definitely been more productive for me and I’m looking forward to “growing” and reaching more goals.

-Lia A., Franchise Owner (Hunt Valley, Maryland)

“Mark is a great presenter. I went into this with no expectations and so far it is better that what I had envisioned.”

-Mitchell K., Franchise Owner (Springhouse, Pennsylvania)

“The end of the second quarter is rapidly closing in on me…The results from our quarterly retreats are beginning to pay off.  Our Firm is on track to hit our goals for the year; and as of this afternoon, we are already at 72% revenue of what we earned last year. In addition, we have successfully relocated our office and deployed new computers, new CRM software and a new website for our Mortgage Line. There are milestones that I am crediting to my participation in your program.”

-Patrick B, Financial Professional, Owner (Omaha, Nebraska)

“I do not have any eloquent words, but will say that this program has changed my view of being an owner.  Before I felt the need to do tasks that any of my staff could do.  I now examine EVERYTHING I do before doing it to see if it is something that REQUIRES my attention, or is it something a staff member can do.  I feel that I have empowered my directors to do the same, which allows them to be more productive on the right things.”

-Catherine W., Franchise Owner (Houston, Texas)

Transforming my mindset and my focus as a CEO rather than a Sales Manager has helped me to focus on the important tasks that can drive our bottom line. The interactive nature of the sessions keeps the entire class focused on the material. The sessions are packed with new and interesting material. I would strongly recommend you to anyone interested in working “on” their business instead of working “in” their business. The program is a learning experience, not a seminar, and it is applicable to anyone who manages people or a business. If anyone wants to take the proverbial “next step” in their personal or professional career, you would be remiss in not attending this program.”

-Matt H., Trade Sales Manager  (Omaha, Nebraska)

“The program is AWESOME! The meetings are an excellent opportunity to spend a whole day away from my franchise to really reflect and plan, and the “Planner” keeps us staying focused daily on our goals of working more “on” our business, rather than “in” our business. The whole program is motivational and has really gotten me going in the right direction in finding balance between my business and my family.”

-Sarah L., Franchise Owner (La Canada, California)

“The program has re-affirmed many of our reasons for starting a business and has helped us to focus on the things that matter most to us in life.  I have maintained much of the momentum built during the introductory session, and I look forward to the next session in Philadelphia with enthusiasm. Stella and I both decided to participate in the program and our shared experience has helped us to step back from daily commotion to more clearly identify our individual roles and the key areas we need to focus on strategically to grow our business into a productive and valuable asset. We are building a strategic plan; we are progressing daily towards our goals; and this program helps us to recognize and celebrate our victories along the way. We have benefited from our interaction and friendships formed with other owners, and the exchange of ideas, humor and enthusiasm has been invigorating. Thank you for presenting this tremendous opportunity to our Franchise Family.”

-Mike M., Franchise Owner (St. John’s Newfoundland, Canada)

“I get a kick out of knowing that this process is working, and seeing the results quarterly with my goals I set for home and work. Recommending this to any owner/manager is something I feel strongly about as I am proof that this process works.

-Rich H., Business Owner (Omaha, Nebraska)

“I just wanted to let you know how happy I am that I signed on with this program. I truly feel like this is one of the best offerings ever made by our Corporate Office.  Through our quarterly meetings, I have learned how to plan out the future of both my personal life and my business life.  As a multiple-unit franchise owner, I used to constantly get caught up in ‘busy’ work and rarely found the time to effectively plan.  I have learned time management, business management, business planning, and life management.  One other huge advantage to the quarterly meetings is that I get a chance to network with other franchise owners to discuss what does and what doesn’t work.  I have ‘borrowed’ several business tools from other owners (with whom I probably would have never had a more substantive conversation anywhere else) that I would have never been able to get had I not been a participant in the program.  I can honestly say that this has changed my life!  Thanks for giving us this opportunity!”

-Bill W., Franchise Owner (Manasquan, New Jersey)

“Being a new franchise owner (less than 1 year), I have found the program to be extremely beneficial in getting me to start setting up my business the “right way” from the beginning.  It has helped guide me to envision specifically what I want from my business and start putting into ACTION what I need to do to get to my goals.  The camaraderie among other owners is priceless.  Our discussions are dynamic and everyone is open to sharing best practices.  A fellow attendee and I have become accountability partners to ensure that we keep on track with our Planner. I would recommend joining this program to anyone!!”

-Jamie M., Franchise Owner (Torrance, California)

“I have never been involved in anything like it (your program) that can so substantially benefit me in both my personal and professional life…..I have found the Planner to be a terrific tool for putting plans into action and reinforcing the accountability of this program. I believe everyone that employs this program will reap huge benefits in all areas of their lives by applying the concepts presented in the sessions. The two years I have spent with the process have had tremendous impact on both my professional and personal life. During my two-year period of participation in the process, I was promoted to Partner in my CPA firm. This represents a major career achievement for me. Along with that, I have seen tangible results in terms of the growth of business and revenues in my client base. Your program had direct impact in both of these areas. Everyone who embraces the process and the accountability aspect will benefit in more ways than they can imagine. I am pleased to recommend this program to my clients and business associates who are looking to improve their businesses, as well as their personal lives”

-Kelly M., CPA, Partner (Omaha, Nebraska)

Mark and his team have put together a wonderful program that assists owners in finding and maintaining the proper focus needed to control and grow their business. The process that the program takes you through is unique in that it forces you to spend the necessary time to review and streamline the way you plan and execute business strategies and operations.  The principal concepts and processes behind becoming a Strategic Business Owner are universal and have helped me to become a more focused leader while enjoying the journey of business ownership.”

-Richard M., Franchise Owner (Raleigh, North Carolina)

“Our franchise will celebrate its first year of operations at the end of January – it has been a year of enormous change and growth for my family and me.

Having attended two meetings I can honestly say that:

  • It forces you to “step out of your comfort zone” and every day routines and identify areas in life and business that prevent you from growing and enjoying what makes you happy.
  • Setting realistic goals each quarter and committing to working on them daily and holding yourself accountable for the outcome is part of being a Strategic Business Owner.
  • I am delighted that I have already achieved many of the goals I set in the first and second quarter. This process reminds me that I am in the “driver’s seat” and can bring about positive changes in my personal and business life.
  • It has also been valuable to get together with other owners and to share in their victories and challenges. The meetings and process forces you to reflect on the important things in life and provides an opportunity to find balance.

I would encourage any owner looking to fulfill the lifestyle potential of owning a business to consider this program.”

-Stella M., Franchise Owner (St. John’s Newfoundland, Canada)

“Getting the professional side put into perspective, and wading through what is important and what is not, has improved my personal life. The perspective has to be: Business is good, but it is only business, and one day will not matter to anyone for anything. But my family will go on forever and if I mess it up now-it will be messed up forever. I am not messing it up now. The sessions are an excellent time of reflection and strategic thinking about business and life.”

-Bobby B., Director of NPO (Omaha, Nebraska)

“Mark does a fine job leading the class. The total experience up to this point: I went into the first day thinking why am I attending this program. My thoughts were that Janice and I do a very good job of looking from the outside in our business. I showed up the first day with reservations but an open mind. Well, when the first day was over and the first three months had passed I now understand with better clarity the changes I need to make. It was as if he was fine tuning my thought system of where I’m at with our company. Here are a few other thoughts:

  1. The one mindset I reinforce over and over again is that I’m the CEO and what this entails. He’s helped define the CEO mindset. Fantastic!!!!
  2. I now place a dollar value on my time and when I’m ask to perform a task is it worth my time or should I delegate the task. Managing your time.
  3. Documentation and processes and how critical they are to a running company and the dollar value to the company.
  4. Managing your time effectively. A few bag of tricks to help you with this.

In summary, the dollar value is priceless of what the program has taught me at this point in time.”

-Dave M., Franchise Owner (San Jose, California)

“Both my personal life and my business have greatly benefited from your program. The changes I have implemented as a direct result of your coaching are truly powerful.”

-Ryan G., Business Owner (Elkhorn, Nebraska)

After only 2 meetings, it has made a considerable impact on both my personal and professional life. The program has taught me and given me permission to set aside time each week, outside of the business, to just think about my business and what needs to be done. This has allowed me to take my huge list of things that need to be done and break that list into workable chunks of things that can be delegated, put on hold or worked on. As a result of this, I have been able to spend less time in the business and more time with my kids with no detrimental effects to enrollment or the quality of our program. Meeting every 12 weeks with the same group is the key to the program. You are held accountable to the goals you set in the past meeting and you work through a process of setting goals for the next 12 weeks. Of course, the other extremely valuable aspect is getting together every 12 weeks with a group composed of only our franchise owners. Being able to bounce ideas off of each other and listening to what other owners do regarding everything from staffing to pro-shop to show week has been a great part of our dinners in the evenings.”

-Lise C., Franchise Owner (St. Louis Park, Minnesota)

“Your program is superior to any I have seen, and I truly believe anyone would see significant improvements in their businesses/careers and lives by going through your program. The business and personal benefits received far exceed the investment.”

-Dave J., Senior Sales Executive (Omaha, Nebraska)

“I am becoming very conscious EVERY day to make business decisions that will bring value to my business not only for today but in the future. When the time comes to sell, I will have an asset to sell instead of trying to pawn off a glorified job to a buyer. I believe this program would be excellent for all ServiceMaster franchisees and is a perfect supplement to the existing ServiceMaster corporate franchise support. The program is strong and would be even more powerful to go through it with a group composed exclusively of ServiceMaster franchisees. Such an exclusive group along with your powerful process would be huge. I am and have already made some life refocusing decisions based on the knowledge that is being awakened again from you, your staff and your company.”

-Kevin B., Franchise Owner (Omaha, Nebraska)

“After attending three sessions I have made many revelations in my business. These coaching sessions have given me the well needed reflection time to focus on important decisions. They allow me to think clearly and define what is truly important and filter out the noise. If you are not getting the results you desire then I would highly recommend this program. You will not regret your decision.”

-Dave W., Business Owner (Omaha, Nebraska)

“I would highly recommend your process to any business or professional person who wants to gain more control over their schedule and be more successful.”

-Susan E., Professor (Omaha, Nebraska)

Working with this program helped me to find a path towards a more balanced life while continuing to grow my business. For me, success is not just measured by revenue and profit but by the quality of life I lead. Mark pushes one to look at where it makes sense to focus and the areas I would benefit from delegating, both in terms of lifestyle and revenue generation. I’m very happy with where I’m at.”

-Brian F., Franchise Owner (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)

“I strongly encourage anyone who is a business owner to take a serious look at the program, especially if you want to have a business that will be highly successful whether you’re present or not…..The results that I have experienced within the first 90 days after attending the first session have been phenomenal.”

-Chris W., Financial Professional (Omaha, Nebraska)

“This process serves to constantly keep me thinking about staying out of the little “ruts” I get myself into regarding my business.  I now constantly force myself to think more strategically about my business, which enables my organization to grow, and more importantly to grow according to my plan. If you have ever thought about becoming a multi-franchise owner, I would highly recommend this training.”

-Ed H., Franchise Owner (London, Ontario, Canada)

“I enjoy taking the time away from my busy life to get focused on what is ahead to conquer.  Breaking things down to a 90 day period is valuable and helps me keep my momentum on important projects.”

-Stephen C., Franchise Owner (Renton, Washington)

“This night I just came back from having a wonderful time with my wife. We had an evening without stress where we were able to enjoy each others’ company to the fullest. I believe that we were able to accomplish this because I have been able to achieve a better balance in my life. It has not always been easy. Some of the work I had to do myself, some of the things I delegated, some were ideas planted from long ago and some new. But in most cases it was guided by Mark Eldridge, my coach. This process that we have begun has started me on a journey towards lasting balance and realization of my goals. The process so far has helped me to see a 50% increase in my sales. But the biggest benefit for me is that I am achieving balance having wonderful evenings with my wife.”

-Matthew F., Franchise Owner (Richmond, Virginia)

I feel like I’m in more control. It’s a good feeling not always worrying where the next fire is going to start.”

-Bill S., Business Owner (Elkhorn, NE)

“The quarterly sessions are fantastic, extremely powerful, and very beneficial! With the concepts I’m learning, and the unique approach you use, I know I will dramatically grow my business and achieve significantly higher income levels. Being able to live a balanced and happier life on top of the financial success is simply awesome! Your program is one of a kind. It’s so impressive how you improve both the business or career and the individual. Your program stands out above any I have seen, and I would highly recommend that any business owner, manager, self-employed professional or anyone in a leadership position sign up for your program. The value I am receiving for my business and life is immeasurable. Everyone will benefit from your services and should start this process as soon as they can.”

Julie K., District Sales Manager, (Omaha, Nebraska)

“Greater success in all areas of life, professional and personal, will be enhanced by utilizing this process.”

-Jonathan D., Banking Vice President (Omaha, Nebraska)

I don’t know that I ever, in my wildest dreams expected this much success. It is not possible for me, in mere words, to explain how much you have helped me with my life and new business! Your program challenged me to look into the future, create a vision of how I could transform my job into something much more, and confront my fears that were keeping me from dreaming big! WOW! I have doubled the size of my business since I started with you, and the sky appears to be the limit right now! You challenged me from the very beginning to think about what I wanted my business to become. You told me that this vision, with enough clarity and thought, would happen. Well you were right!  I am so thankful that I took the leap of faith and committed to it because now I can see the full value of your program; it is the best investment I have yet to make!

Dave R., Broker, Business Owner (Omaha, Nebraska)

“While my entire district was exposed to Mental Toughness University in St. Petersburg, we were fortunate enough to have six representatives participate in the conference call follow up program. During this time our district performance has climbed from 24th nationally to 12th and we are competing for the RBD Award, which is awarded to the first place district within our Southeast Region. We have embraced this process as the foundation from which all other strategies grow.

—Jeff M., Fortune 500 District Manager

“Your process continues to help me stay on task to improve the way I do business, remove clutter from my work day and get more accomplished. It also helps me not lose focus on what matters most to me which is my family, and to figure out how to make time to do the things I want to do with my family. Lastly, the last session I went through focused on Marketing. I found that session particularly helpful to create a firm marketing plan to help myself and my partners develop new business and keep the clients we have.”

-Anne B., Attorney (Omaha, Nebraska)

“I had been through the training at Denver and that was a great experience but it really did not prepare me to be what I have become, a Strategic Business Owner. My business revenues have increased 90% to 100% year over year as a direct result of this program. I heartily recommend the program to all new members of our franchise system.”

-Bob M., Franchise Owner (Kingwood, Texas)

The program has had a tremendous impact on my professional and personal life.  The process has enabled me to prioritize business issues and focus on time management (spending my time on the business, rather than in the business).  It has given me the tools I need to spend more time as CEO, rather than as an employee. The program has made me think creatively of ways to “grow the business”. I look forward to the full day every quarter when I can think about, and plan personal as well as business goals. I highly recommend this program to any business owner.”

-Ed S., Franchise Owner (Frederick, Maryland)

“They (entrepreneurs) need an opportunity to step away from working in their business, and letting day to day events run their lives, to work on their business and personal growth. After personally attending several coaching sessions, I can clearly see the benefit of coaching through your process.

-Desarae M., Director (Omaha, Nebraska)

I gained something from your speech that I’ve been looking for all of my life. Your presentation was highly entertaining, motivating, and content rich.”

-Tom T., Executive

“We have been through other coaching processes, none of which compare or provide your attention to detail and commitment to our success. We appreciate the balance that is offered by focusing on improving our businesses as well as our lives. In our 2nd Quarter we began to see the benefits come to life when we ranked sixth in sales among Franchisees.

-Erin M., Franchise Owner (Hummelstown, Pennsylvania)

The program has been the single best professional & personal program I have ever been involved in and is the greatest thing I have ever done except get married. Thru this program, my life & business have improved dramatically. Their coaching processes have shown me how to lead more and work less.”

-Douglas S., Franchise Owner (Traverse City, Michigan)

“Your process has helped us think about a few of the things that we had lost sight of from our dream that began with a business plan to the reality of business ownership a year and a half later…..Going through the exercises in the full day workshop has helped put our mindsets in the right place. It has rejuvenated our energy to build our business the right way and lead us to the lives we dreamed of when we began our business. We would recommend that any business owner make the investment in themselves and in their future by joining this program.

-Candice Z. and Matt S., Business Owners (Omaha, Nebraska)

“It is with great pleasure that I write this to you letting you know how much this process has meant to me, personally and professionally. It has helped allow me to re-focus, re-energize and grow my business to whatever level I desire. I have grown and learned so much more about where I want to be in life and my impact on my business and the people around me. I have realized that my business growth is only as big as my personal growth will allow it to be. I am certain that if I had not gone through this process, my stress level would be much higher, the balance in my life would not be where it is today and I would not be as thoroughly happy about my business as I am now. I remember when the idea of having my own business began to develop three years ago the numerous reasons why I wanted to have my own business. Because of the program, I have been able to begin realizing those goals and do not plan on looking back. Thanks for your guidance and encouragement in getting me to this point in my life.”

-Charlie R., Franchise Owner (Nashville, Tennessee)

I think it has been a terrific program and a very productive opportunity for me. Mark, thanks for leading me through this journey. It’s truly a most worthwhile venture.”

-Myles R., Franchise Owner (Broomfield, Colorado)

My expectations for this program were exceeded on the first day…..It is my pleasure to recommend this program to anyone who is like me and trying to balance a growing career with too few hours in the day. I have already seen changes in myself and look forward to the changes to come.”

-Carrie W., CPA, Partner (Omaha, Nebraska)

“This process will give you direction on ways to make your business run without you there that gives it value.   It has proven to be a growth path that I feel anyone will benefit from both in business and in their personal life. Again I would say to anyone ‘this course is one of the best that I have been through.’ I would encourage you to think long and hard about taking this course. It will improve you life and as a benefit your business will grow.”

-John B., Franchise Owner (Houston, Texas)

“I am not a business owner, but I can see the benefits to a business owner, manager, or any professional. I have benefited greatly professionally and personally. The stress in my life has been greatly reduced. I have attended two sessions and was amazed at how much clearer my focus was by the second session. Most importantly to me, I actually practice what I have learned and my life is so much better.”

-Bonnie A., Banking Executive (Elkhorn, Nebraska)

Joining the program has been a life changing experience for me. I would never before have taken a whole day every quarter to reflect on my life as a mother, wife and business owner. Sure, I thought about how I wanted my life to be, but never really thought about how I was going to get there. The process forced me to take a serious look at all the important things to me and weed out all the bad that I no longer needed to worry about. I am more organized than ever. I encourage everyone to go through this process to not only re-discover who you are but what you want out of life.”

-Jodi P., Franchise Owner (Greensboro, North Carolina)

The program was excellent. I have no doubt the training techniques we learned will help our consulting staff both personally and professionally.”

-John B., Ph.D., Fortune 500 Chairman

This change in focus to strategic thinking and planning has also made my role as owner of this business much more satisfying. Each week, as I review my progress, I am increasingly more comfortable that the time when I can reap the rewards of being a business owner without being tied to my business is not far away. The satisfaction I get from being a small business owner increases daily.”

-Rick C., Franchise Owner (Asheville, North Carolina)

“I appreciate all the time you have taken to personally guide me through the course over the last two years…..It has really made a difference in my day-to-day activities…..I work smarter now, not harder…..Your program has been instrumental in developing my career and advancing production…..In our first year, we increased production by 38% (over the prior year). (Two years later) production has increased two-fold…..Again, thank you for helping me turn the corner on my business…..I will highly recommend your services to others. Your program is priceless!!

-Donald L., LUTCF, Financial Professional, Owner (Omaha, Nebraska)

“I have just completed 16 months of this program with Mark Eldridge. I have learned to balance my personal and business life. I have learned how to be a Strategic Business Owner. Working “ON” our business allows us to develop a business plan that has your business running on autopilot. I have learned how to do the right things to grow my business, ie. using a Planner, strategic selling, strategic marketing, leadership leveraging, people management, business planning and implementation, developing an Operation Manual (documented business system). I have learned to, ‘Let go and enjoy my business and my life’. Each quarter you will leave your session (as I did), energized about your business and your life!  Don’t miss the opportunity to grow as a business owner and in your personal life. I highly recommend this program and Mark Eldridge.”

-Randy M., Franchise Owner (Monongahela, Pennsylvania)

I appreciate the consistency of the emails and the reminders to keep focused on the process. I believe the most effective tool is the time to get away, to stop, and make the commitment. If it were not worth it, it would be easy, and there will never be anything easy about business, so your program is worth it.”

-Chris L., Franchise Owner (Mesa, Arizona)

The program is a great way to get out of and focus on your business. I find that I am able to concentrate on what is important in my personal and professional life. The best part of it is how we meet quarterly to set new goals and then implementing them when we return home. Receiving reminders from Mark also helps you stay accountable. Thank you again for offering this wonderful program to our franchise family.”

-Yvonne W., Franchise Owner (Appleton, Wisconsin)

“Attending this program has been a worthwhile investment.  It has helped me adjust my mind frame to have a greater strategic focus.  Meeting quarterly ensures that I don’t slip back into old patterns of getting caught up in operational details and instead develop a habit of keeping a strategic mindset.  As part of the coaching process, I have also been able to better define my personal and work goals and create realistic plans for getting more balance in my life.  This move towards a greater balance in my life has been the biggest impact for me – I am exercising more, sleeping more, and having more fun while being more effective in my work!

-Marie M., Franchise Owner (Lake Oswego, Oregon)

“The program provides a clean, simple format to follow and I always come away with new ideas, fresh energy, and something new that I’ve learned about my own strengths and weaknesses.  The program helps me keep focused on both business and life goals and provides the tools to do so. It is a great program and well worth the time and investment.”

-Rick A., Franchise Owner (Lexington, Kentucky)

“The procedure (process) is easy to understand, and if adhered to, will absolutely yield results. We recently had an opportunity to travel to Australia for two weeks, during which time our business continued to operate smoothly and successfully. We feel the guidance and procedures set forth as a result of our participation in this process has directly contributed to this success.”

-Wanda W., Franchise Owner (Savannah, Georgia)

“Where the system comes in, is helping to keep me accountable and constantly focused on my goals.  I would not have stayed on task toward my goals without this process.  It helped me formulate goals for personal and business purposes.  The nice part is the process helps balance your personal goals and your business goals as you work through each quarter and shows your progress along the way.”

-Phil D., Franchise Owner (Wichita, Kansas)

“I feel it (your program) has helped me in my personal life in several ways, which in turn has reflected in my job as well. I know if it weren’t for the accountability of these sessions I would not have made several positive changes in my life. I am getting control over my finances and am staying within a budget that includes savings. I have not been able to manage that for at least 18 years. The stress of life is always present and the choice of how to deal with that stress is mine whether to crumble underneath it or rise above it. The tools your program have taught me of evaluating the priorities, recognizing clutter, and making positive choices toward my goals have been good in every case I applied them.”

-Shirley S., Executive (Omaha, Nebraska)

“The program has brought great awareness on how to properly manage my time and actually SCHEDULE time for myself personally so that work does not overwhelm and take over, and it brings greater balance to life. By changing my mindset and realizing what my time is actually worth, I have been able to delegate the clutter in my life to someone who may not do it as well, but is at least getting it done, so that I can focus on the bigger and better things in my life that bring personal satisfaction, better business results and employees that feel worthwhile.”

-Mari H., Franchise Owner (London, Ontario, Canada)

“In my 30 years of business experience, I have seen and participated in numerous training activities, but yours stands apart as perhaps one of the most valuable…..I look forward to attending the next session and would wholeheartedly recommend your services to any individual or business owner who wants to be more productive and enjoy life fuller.”

Bob F., President and Owner (Omaha, Nebraska)

“After 8 years of owning my business, I had found myself frustrated with trying to manage growth effectively without feeling totally overwhelmed!   After my sessions with your program, my approach to it all has changed dramatically! My company continues to grow, however, now I am working less, with less stress and a much more effective level of the ‘personal balance’ that the program promised to help me achieve. Teaching me how to repeatedly slow down, face reality, reflect and plan, and especially how to step back from it and work “on” rather than always “in” my business, has literally changed almost everything about my life, not just my business! I’m looking forward to continued personal growth through my association with Mark Eldridge and the sessions in my future and recommend the program highly to anyone who is interested in a more healthy, balanced life!”

-Linda K., Business Owner (Omaha, Nebraska)

“After attending two sessions of the program it is clear that Mark has got a very strong agenda for us owners to work more “On” our businesses and less “IN” them. After the sessions I have a vision of where I want the company to be and how I need to get there. Now all I have to do is follow my own directions!”

-Slater C., Franchise Owner (St. Louis Park, Minnesota)

“Each quarter is very unique, and I have taken something from each one. It’s great to be a part of your process. I truly wish more trade owners would take part in the course. There are a lot of issues out there and your process clears a lot of them up.

-Brent H., Business Owner (Omaha, Nebraska)

“What I find most helpful is the process we go through with each meeting. It isn’t just about my business, but also about me professionally and personally. One of the best benefits comes from all of us facing similar challenges as we are all franchise owners. Although we are faced with similar challenges in our businesses, I am able to set goals that are specific to me and my business and have the tools at my fingertips to help me reach those goals. The program provides the tools and the process to enable me to set my goals and reach them. The process, the accountability, and the commonality among the participants make this a must for any franchise owner looking to take their business and more importantly, their personal lives in the direction they choose.”

-Pat K., Franchise Owner (Eagle, Idaho)

“I have been able to become more proactive in my business. I am no longer “reacting” to what’s happening around me. I am causing and directing the action. This may not sound like a big deal to some people; however, in my daily life what’s happened is I am in the business about 30 hours a week instead of between 45-50 hours a week. With the extra 15 hours a week I spend 5 hours planning and looking at the direction of my business and the other 10 hours I’m spending with my kids, or exercising, or volunteering! I’m out in the community doing what I love and I’m even meeting other moms at the same time. I have been put back in touch with why I went into business in the first place and how to get the results I’ve been looking for!

-Erica N., Franchise Owner (South Norwalk, Connecticut)

“I see the benefits of your program as I am working with my clients who are too busy doing their business to effectively run their business…..This constant pressure to “do the work” prevents them from working on their business to become more profitable and to work smarter and make more money in the process…..I would not hesitate to recommend the process to any of my clients and business associates who are struggling with balancing business and personal lives.”

-David E., CPA, Managing Shareholder (Omaha, Nebraska)

“The program and Mark Eldridge has helped me to focus on where and how I would like both my personal and business life to be shaped. This program simplifies the process helping you realize and achieve your goals – be it a better family life or helping you raise your business skills to another level. I am enjoying a much better balanced life, working on my business instead of in the business and enjoying more family time. It is teaching me to change my mindset to work on the things that will grow my business and delegate the things that are just clutter (keeping me from growing the business). With this way of thinking I am definitely getting closer to my goal of working less, making more and enjoying a better quality of life. I have recommended you to many friends and business owners like myself because I feel this program is extremely effective.”

-Bret A., Franchise Owner (White Lake, Michigan)

“As a pastor of a small church I have found the program and their strategic mindset approach to managing people and life to be extremely helpful. It has provided me a priceless opportunity for success in business and life…..Learning how to strategically focus on the biggest and most valued projects is a benefit to anyone who wants to live life responsibly and with success. Your program is a premier tool toward that end, especially for pastors who have to wear multiple hats.”

-Matthew S., Pastor and Executive Director (Omaha, Nebraska)

“Just finishing my third quarter session, I am beginning to reach the balance you have mentioned. Albeit, sometimes working on “me” and the business is hard, the process you lead us through has opened my mind to the possibilities that do exist. Specifically, it is this process that I have learned that is the value of your coaching. In my business it has helped to think strategically rather than tactical. It is a commitment, but the rewards greatly out-weigh any burden.”

-John M., Franchise Owner (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma)

“I have learned to live a more balanced life and have created more peace at home with my wife and in the work place…..I would recommend this program to any of my peers and to those who want to grow personally as well as professionally.

-Dave S., Financial Professional (Omaha, Nebraska)

“The program is a great opportunity for us to spend a day each quarter reflecting on the past and energizing for the future quarter.  It is great to be able to get away for the busy day “in” the office and focus working “on” the business.  We have taken many of the techniques and used them to help with our busy lifestyle in our personal and in our business lives.  As we seem to be getting busier and busier, this program helps to keep us focused on what really matters.  I would definitely recommend this program to other franchise owners who want to grow without sacrificing what matters most to them.”

-Ryan P., Franchise Owner (Greensboro, North Carolina)

“I have been a business owner for 25 years. I want to thank you for helping me understand that, like most owners, I owned a job instead of a business. The change in the way I looked at my business even from quarter 1 to quarter 3 was amazing and immediate. Since I began your program, I have cut 20% of the hours I used to work and have realized that I am much more valuable to my company coaching and leading my team instead of being the team.”

-Peggy E., Business Owner (Omaha, Nebraska)

The program has been a tremendous help in keeping me grounded and setting goals.  It’s comforting to be reminded that it is not all about business, but my personal life as well.  To be ever mindful of keeping that balance is just one of the many benefits.  Setting goals to grow my business by working ON my business rather than IN my business provides the vision of what can be achieved.”

-Diane S., Franchise Owner (Chicago, Illinois)

The program has provided us additional insight to drive a successful business while maintaining a healthy balance with our personal lives. The program has been very useful to us as we both look at working “on” our business vs. working “in” the business. In addition, we believe the quarterly program will continue to help us focus, assist us with being accountable for our 90-day strategic roadmap and continue to be better leaders and people.”

-Pauline S. and Lauralee N., Principals, Business Owners (Omaha, Nebraska)

“The Process significantly transformed my business. I saw my income doubled the first year and now my vision is expanded for much larger goals and purposes.”

-Peter B., Financial Professional, Owner (Omaha, Nebraska)

“You have given us a new perspective and a new approach.”

-Kevin S., Fortune 500 Regional Vice President

This is the best program I have ever attended. It is definitely worth our time and effort. The concept of improving my business and professional life along with my personal and family life is an incredibly helpful idea. Thank you to Corporate for having the foresight and commitment to your franchisees. It is greatly appreciated.”

-Tim A., Franchise Owner (Colorado Springs, Colorado)

“Your program and process are powerful and one that any business owner, manager, or professional will find well worth the investment. I was immediately able to apply some of the concepts learned and realize that I can take my business and personal life to much higher levels. I believe greater success in all areas of life will be achieved for those attending your program.”

-Shawn W., CPA, Partner  (Omaha, Nebraska)

“After completing the third quarter session last Thursday, I realized that you are providing the means to achieving, not just better business practices, but life-altering changes. Our operation recorded its best revenue to date in the last quarter. Thank you for helping us reach this milestone.”

-Bob M., Franchise Owner (Hummelstown, Pennsylvania)

Since beginning your program, I have achieved a 32% increase in the number of applications written. The Planner is invaluable as it has kept me focused on areas of importance on a daily basis. It has also held me accountable for keeping my personal life a priority.”

-Karen H., Financial Professional (Omaha, Nebraska)

“The program content is excellent and Mark Eldridge is a great facilitator. Taking the time to dedicate a full day to reflect, to envision, and to plan your business and your life is amazing. Repeating this process regularly and using the Planner daily has helped us define our vision of the business and given clarity to our direction. The exciting thing is we have a clear path to follow, and we understand how to focus on those 20 percent of the things that bring 80 percent of the results. The benefits of using the Planner are enormous. I would strongly recommend this program to any business owner, regardless of size or length of time in business.”

-Jerry B., Franchise Owner (Rockford, Illinois)

I highly recommend participation in this program. It helped me personally and professionally, and the interaction with other franchisees made it an invaluable experience. The process took us through a well executed program that helped us focus on the most important aspects of business such as Sales, Marketing, Leadership, Business Planning, Business Mindset, Work Life Balance and Accountability. The business aspects coupled with the interaction with other franchisees made this course incredibly valuable, a lot of fun and the best educational experience I could have imagined, and it far exceeded my expectations.”

-Rebecca S., Franchise Owner (San Jose, California)

“The Planner combined with the quarterly follow-up has given the program teeth. This is the first time a third party program has made a positive change in my management style and has helped me take charge of my time and the direction of the company. I would highly recommend this program for anyone that owns a business or is in a management position.”

-Eric M., CEO (Omaha, Nebraska)

“In a unique and informative manner, (this program) proves you don’t need innate talent to achieve greatness… but you do need to learn and understand the habits of thinking and behaving in ways that will get you there.”

-Jack M., Professional Athlete

“We have received significant value on both business and personal levels. The processes and philosophies have helped us to practically structure our business so that we were able to make our business an actual asset and not just a job. The fact that we were able to sell one of our territories for nearly five times our original investment is a credit to the principles and strategies that we learned, refined, and implemented as a result of your effective program. Each and every franchise owner, regardless of the age or size of their business, should participate in this program. Our corporate office should consider even making it mandatory! The benefits far exceed the costs.”

-Dan M., Franchise Owner (Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada)

“I wanted to put together a letter to thank you for getting me involved with your program and help others with any apprehensions they may have with getting started in the process. I had the normal apprehensions…not enough time, costs too much, I can do it myself…..Well guess what? You can’t afford not to do it! Because, quite simply put…..THE PROGRAM WORKS! Whether or not it’s starting out in business, owning your own business, wanting to take your business to the next level, needing to balance your business life with your home life because you simply just can’t find the time or maybe you just want to try something different and don’t know where to start. Well, this is where to start! Don’t procrastinate. It’s made a difference for me and it will for others too.

-William V., Business Owner (Omaha, Nebraska)

“In between sessions, having a “strategic mindset” has become a way of life. The continual coaching provided by the meetings and supportive information provided via email in between has taught me to ask myself, on an almost daily basis, ‘Is this activity the best use of my time?’ and remind myself I’m in the marketing business. I have formalized a number of business processes, implemented new business development ideas, gotten more organized, and even given myself permission to take a few days off. The past couple of years have been personally challenging for me, and I am certain that this program is one of the reasons I have remained motivated and continued my resolve to press forth on my journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur. As your motivational quotes and videos remind me, ‘Everyone who quits loses’.

-Janice W., Franchise Owner (New York, New York)

Without Mark’s coaching, I doubt my business would be where it is today. My revenue doubled from year one to year two, and by the end of year three we will reach half a million dollars in revenue. I highly recommend that all franchisees participate in this program as part of their on-going training, business management and personal development, and that it even be part of our franchise agreement.”

-Robin R., Franchise Owner (Van Nuys, California)

“I am very glad to write my recommendation for your program. The primary item that I have gained from the process is ‘Focus’. My experience through the process has been to become more focused on what is really important to me, and more focused on what my values are, and more focused on what I want to accomplish in my life…..I have direction! I have a path to take, and a path that I have created for myself. The self-assurance that I have gained from taking control of my own direction is a great thing. Another item that makes the process good is that it encompasses all things in your life, not just business goals and objectives, but also aligning your personal goals along with your business goals to create life goals. Encompassing these life goals into my daily thoughts and plan helps me to actually accomplish them. Thanks Mark! I am so glad you took me out to lunch that day, and encouraged me to join your program.”

-Christi O., CPA, Shareholder (Omaha, Nebraska)

“Your program has been an essential process for me as a new business owner. The goal is to “own” a highly profitable business asset that provides for my family and me. My goal is not to “own a job” that in turn “owns” me.  The program has not only helped me stay on track, but has accelerated that process.  I found that it’s easy to lose focus and get stuck in the day-to-day technical tasks of the business.  The program keeps me focused on being an effective leader and entrepreneur working “on” the business, instead of getting off course working too much “in” the business.  Having the vision of where you want to be is one thing, but having a proven process to help achieve that vision is truly another.”

-Curt D., Franchise Owner (Omaha, Nebraska)

“Although I’ve only completed the first session of a two-year comprehensive plan, the benefits of attending are very obvious. Your program encouraged me to list the responsibilities that needed to be delegated and unproductive habits that needed to go. Following through on this insight has given me almost six additional hours per week to concentrate on improving sales and the infrastructure of my department. Six hours per week is almost equal to one additional day per week to attend to business. Freeing up this additional time each week is worth the price of admission alone. The best part is the accomplishments made on a personal level. Because I am not as buried in the quagmire of daily minutia, I am coming home more energized. As a family we have always gotten along very well, now it is better.”

Rich C., Engineering Manager (Omaha, Nebraska)

“Over the past 21 months I have benefited greatly from our meetings together in Atlanta with other southeast region franchise owners. The sessions served as a constant reminder to think and act like the CEO, even as I was taking the steps to fulfill that role. The results of this mindset have propelled our business, built on a foundation of qualified people, repeatable operational processes, and measurable sales and marketing tactics. Many of the practices that we have implemented to create this environment were a direct result of the concepts you shared in our meetings. Having experienced the process to date, I cannot imagine why an owner would not want to invest in their future by utilizing the tools and concepts this program provides. The financial and time investment has reaped real and lasting dividends that have benefited me personally and professionally. My sincere thanks to you and our Corporate office for providing the vehicle that steered us to success. I highly recommend this program to any serious franchise owner.”

-Steve F., Franchise Owner (Stuart, Florida)

“I am very pleased with the results of the program I recently completed with you.  By being very honest with myself and critical, I was able to identify ways that I could improve my life both professionally and personally. One of the reasons I chose your program was because it addressed both areas of my life, and I have seen improvement in both. I was able to challenge myself and make small changes that over time will produce huge results.

-Jane N., President (Omaha, Nebraska)

I realize how far we have come and how much of that is due to the skills and knowledge that I gained through your program. With Mark’s assistance and his program I was able to confidentially develop the strategic plans that have taken our business from start up to nearly $800,000 in revenue with over 20 employees in 4 ½ years. After the session on sales, I was able to improve my closing rate from the 40% to in the 80%. It is rejuvenating to step back from the “busy-ness” and work through the focusing process. I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to be successful in their business.”

-Cathy T., Franchise Owner (Omaha, Nebraska)

I have found the sessions valuable to my business. What I specifically gained is an insight into habits that I’ve fallen into which need to be broken and a reaffirmation of strength and areas to strengthen. I’ve observed that Mark Eldridge has shown a genuine interest in each of the business owners and has made concrete suggestions on how the owners can move towards intended goals more expeditiously. Please consider this my wholehearted endorsement of the program and Mark Eldridge in particular.

-Elizabeth N., Business Owner (Omaha, Nebraska)

“Please allow me this opportunity to pass on to you my highest recommendation for Mark Eldridge and his program. I was guided through some very healthy reflection regarding my work strategy, my priorities at church, and my goals for the future. By the end of the day I had a clear picture of how and where I needed to spend my time in the next three months as well as how and where not to spend my time.”

-Bill M., Associate Pastor (Omaha, Nebraska)

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the wonderful and positive changes you have made possible in my husband’s (and my) life. In the first few short meetings he has attended with you I have seen and felt many great changes. I have watched our lives change from our family rotating and working around our business to our business rotating and working around us. I am much happier (as is Matt and the kids). Thank you for giving me my husband back.

Krystal K., spouse of Matt K., Owner  (Waterloo, Nebraska)

(His) teachings will educate you about the importance of discipline and help you become a world-class thinker and performer.”

-Roger G., Senior Vice President

This was an excellent experience and helped me in decision-making with my franchise business. One of the many areas of this program I felt that helped me in my operation is going from being the center of my business to the outside looking in. Looking at the past year, it is interesting to be aware and watch the process be put into action. I now enjoy what I do best and oversee and continue to improve my business. I feel strongly that every franchise should have the opportunity to take this program.”

-Ollie R., Franchise Owner (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

“He asks you to really examine what you want to accomplish in life, not only business, as that is a means to a desirable end. His sessions force you to bring clarity to what you are truly trying to accomplish and to prioritize activities required to make that happen. Since joining I have set time aside with my daughters, got back to woodworking, and have set marketing planning activities in place. I have become way more efficient, leaving me time to ensure planning and relationship-building activities are addressed. All while realizing a 15% growth this year. Expecting more growth next year.”

-Don E., Franchise Owner (Omaha, Nebraska)

I will never regret the decision to commit to this process; it has proven to be invaluable to both our business and personal life. I know what I need to do to get out of the role of Employee and into the role of CEO. Before starting the process I don’t believe I would have understood the importance of this role reversal. I feel if it weren’t for this process I would have never looked at business ownership or my personal life the way I do today. It has changed my focus, my vision, my way of thinking, my enthusiasm and my attitude about life in general. I am a true believer that the process works. I would recommend this program and process to anyone, no matter what stage of business or life you are in.

-Lynn B., Franchise Owner (Rockford, Illinois)

“I wanted to send a brief note of thanks and appreciation for the excellent program that Mark Eldridge has provided to me. The program has helped me to think and act more like a strategic business owner and less like an employee of my business. In fact, I now strongly endorse his process to our entire firm and staff. Teaching people how to succeed in our business is a difficult task in itself. Teaching them how to manage their business and personal lives at the same time makes it that much more difficult. Mark’s program teaches us how to build our business without being the business. If you follow the principals of the program, you will have more fun, make more money and have control of your life. I would encourage anyone to take a serious look at what this program can do for you.”

-Jay M., Financial Professional, Owner (Omaha, Nebraska)

“Your program has given me the time and resources to learn how to get my business to a position to be a more valuable smooth running business not a job, and I have gotten further outside of the circle. I think colleges should use some of the material we learned. There was more information that we went over in a couple of long days than most people learn in a whole 4-5 years of college.

-Pat E., Business Owner (Omaha, Nebraska)

“What I have found with this program so far is that it has caused me to really look at my business and put things into perspective. At almost 2 years into owning my franchise, I can say it has been a frustrating time.  Being a new business owner, there are many things to learn as I am sure all can attest to.  What this program has brought to the forefront the most for me is that I currently have a job and not a business.  In order for this to be a business, we need to be profitable but not only that, the business needs to be able to run without my presence being there everyday.  For many of us, we go into business not to get busier but to have more freedom.  I feel that with what I am learning in the program is helping me realize my employee’s potential and empowering them to take more on.  This is allowing me to put my efforts into what really counts – Growing my business.”

-Wendy K., Franchise Owner (Newark, California)

“It’s been a 20-month journey that has proven to be invaluable to a new business owner, or simply one that might find themselves in a rut, or losing their way. Changing the mindset is probably one of the most difficult shifts a person must make in order to reach their bigger picture goals. These adjustments aid in personal development and will stay with you for a lifetime, contributing to your progress and fulfillment. My business is continually growing and holding its own financially. Planning and Marketing strategies are always a top priority, with Marketing Plans being adjusted quarterly. The balance and integration of personal and professional life has resulted in making a more radiant and happier ‘me’”.

-Daphne E., Franchise Owner (Salinas, California)

“Our year-to-date sales volume has increased five hundred percent over last year and profits have increased over four hundred percent. We have been recognized as the top listing or sales agents in our office three of the last five months! I can attribute all of our recent success to the implementation of ideas, principles, and systems learned in the first two quarters of your coaching process. I highly recommend this program to anyone that desires to work less, earn more, and enjoy a richer life!”

-Shane K., Realtor (Bellevue, Nebraska)

“I signed up for this program one week after leaving training knowing I had a lot on my plate but the long-term benefit of developing good habits early was important and is starting to pay off. I found a number of beneficial components to the program, whether it be sharing best practices with the other franchisees in my group, the topic we would focus on, or most importantly in my mind, the completion of my quarterly planner. Finally, I’d like to say that things are starting to click for my business. The last 2 months have been the most profitable since I’ve been open, which is close to 2 years now. I’m motivated and confident things are going to continue on the upward slope and I’ll be scaling up during year 3. The fact that I’ve been through this program means I’m prepared to manage the business as it grows. I would, without hesitation, recommend this program to any business owner no matter where they are in their business.”

-David C., Franchise Owner (New York, New York)

“We update our Marketing and Business Plans on a regular basis, we’ve started to create an Operations Manual, we review our processes on a regular basis, contract out some of the work, and ensure we have balance in our life. I feel that I have benefitted from this experience and have been able to move my business forward with confidence and an awareness of where I want to go, with a solid plan on how to get there.”

-Jean D., Franchise Owner (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

“I look at how far I have come and cannot believe it has all happened in less than 2 years! If I had not committed to this process, I am not so sure I would still even be in business. This process has given me the confidence to be the leader that my business needs. I still have so very much to learn, but I know that you have given me the tools I need to achieve my desired level of success. I could go on and on trying to express my appreciation for you, but I don’t think my words will ever really express my gratitude. Just know that you have made an incredible difference – a life changing difference!”

-Sandy M., Franchise Owner (Kansas City, Missouri)

“Each session has been extremely beneficial and I wanted to thank you for the opportunity to learn, grow and achieve MORE in both my business and personal life. The course has kept me on track with most everything I’ve set out to accomplish!! My experience thus far, with you as the presenter, has definitely exceeded my expectations.”

-Sue S., Business Owner (Omaha, Nebraska)

“Thank you for the value of the quarterly retreats. The opportunity to think about the things that normally get shoved aside is so necessary and so valuable. You are correct; we spend too much time being busy with the wrong things. As an independent businessperson, your program has put me on the path to clarify my direction, systemize my business, and bring balance to my life. I would recommend these retreats to anyone who wants to rise above the norm.”

-Jim C., Financial Professional (Omaha, Nebraska)

“(He) mesmerized our sales and management team with his mental toughness message. Our reps are three months into the mental toughness process, and getting tougher every day.

-Polly B., President

During my first strategic mindset session I came away with several important things in my Planner. I could tell that everyone in the classroom was enlightened and excited to change his or her way of doing business.”

-Karnetta T., Business Development Officer (Omaha, Nebraska)

“As this is my second year of your program I wanted to let you know that again you and the process have provided insight, enlightenment, and foresight into my business and personal life. In my second year I see that my insight has changed, and that I am now getting to the point where the majority of my time is spent on the business and less time in the business. I would recommend this approach and program to all franchisees and to other business owners. Furthermore, I would recommend this process to corporate business, both large and small, as it can be applied to career path focus and growth.”

-Mike K., Franchise Owner (St. Louis, Missouri)

“As a franchise owner, I often question whether I am running the business or whether the business is running me.  The program has helped me to think of myself differently as an owner.  I am the CEO.  I am reassessing my personal goals and what I want to happen.  Taking the 8 hour day quarterly to plan my next steps has helped me to THINK, FOCUS and ACT on what is truly important.  As a result, I feel more in control of my business and my life.”

-Darci P., Franchise Owner (Rocklin, California)

“I am just beginning the second quarter of the process, and I am starting to see the effects.  For the first time in 7 seven years, I am working Monday through Friday and feel the business can function and be profitable without me being there.

-Forrest P., Franchise Owner (McKinney, Texas)

“The program has really helped me with creating a better balance between work and home.  Generally a workaholic by choice, but now I’m finding time to have more fun and rid myself of some of the business clutter that I can have others do so I can spend more time with family and for myself.”

-Janice M., Franchise Owner (San Jose, California)

“It has shown me how to focus strategically on my business while delegating tactical responsibilities to the team.  This has allowed the business to grow and give the team members an incredible sense of ownership. Our financial situation is improving and I am spending more time with my family.”

-Braden S., Franchise Owner (Sandy, Utah)

The program has helped me “force” time to do nothing but think about my priorities. After only 2 quarterly session, I already feel better about what I’ve accomplished so far in my business and more importantly in the time I’ve added to enjoying my family. I have found that for every business goal I accomplish, I also give more time to myself and my family life; they work hand-in-hand. Definitely glad to have made the investment!”

-Andy D., Franchise Owner (Bridgewater, NJ)

The benefits we have seen are many however, the most identifiable is to think strategically and to be systematic about our approach to the business. As entrepreneurs we can get off track with exciting ideas and methods and not ground them in our fundamental model, so your advice to plan, execute and revise has been very helpful.”

-Oliver H., Franchise Owner (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

Little did I know that it (your program) would be the single best personal and professional program I have ever been involved in…..the program has helped to dramatically improve my life…..I have come away from each session ready to take on my professional challenges and re-evaluate my personal goals and aspirations. Thank you so much. I am now a graduate of the two-year program! What a great investment it has been. The “process” (and I do mean “process”) has been very helpful for me. My business and personal life have improved dramatically over the past two years. Also, strategic thinking has become a continuous effort of mine instead of a once-in-a-year occurrence. I believe this is a direct result of your program. I am a strong advocate. I have referred this program to many people-many of which are now enrolled. And possibly the greatest testimonial of all, I have also referred you to my superiors and peers in my company. I believe in the value of your program. I have grown personally and professionally from my involvement. I look forward to practicing the key concepts learned in this program for many years to come, namely, “make more-work less-and enjoy richer lives” as you have stated continuously throughout the past two years.”

-Dan G., President & CEO (Omaha, Nebraska)

“Over the last three years, the process has been an excellent coaching and accountability program for our franchise owners and franchise system as a whole. More and more of our franchisees are starting to think and act like strategic business owners and less like “handyman technicians.” Such a progression has been very good for the individual franchisees and the entire system. The Corporate Office’s decision to sponsor a “national coaching program” has been a wise investment and generated substantial “goodwill” within our franchise community. We are now entering into our 4th year and continue to see tangible benefits as a result of this proven coaching process, gathering groups of our franchisees together four times a year to collaborate and bond, and having a professional and objective business coach leading each group. In short, the testimonials received from those participating in the program are outstanding. Our participating franchisees have experienced results that include: greater income; fewer hours working; decreased “business owner burnout”; additional satisfaction and joy from being an owner; a greater sense of control and personal freedom; more balanced and fulfilling lives; and significant increases in the revenue and value of their businesses. I, and the rest of the corporate management team, strongly endorse this program and would like to see all of our owners join the program to take advantage of the many benefits it has to offer. The bottom line is that we are experiencing offices growing at a much faster and more successful pace than was the case prior to this program. We are regularly thanked by our franchise owners for caring about their growth and development as owners by offering a powerful coaching program that has made such a significant impact to their businesses and lives.”

-Andy B., President, Franchisor (Denver, Colorado)

“I most definitely and wholeheartedly recommend this programme to any person. It has enabled me to be a far more effective business person and leader, and has moved me from a rather haggard owner-operator to someone well on the way to having a successful operation that can run without me. The changes I wanted to make in my business were more about sanity and time than money, but any skeptics might want to look at the effect on my bottom-line over the two-year programme. Quarter-on-Quarter, these (monthly income amounts) show slightly more than DOUBLE figure growth – and with far, far less slog and effort than the previous year, thanks to learning how to harness my skills through this programme.

Mindset: This is a harder thing to describe, but has definitely been “The Thing” that would make me recommend this process to others. Through the planning sessions and regular “injections” of information that come through the programme, I have become much more aware of the thoughts and emotions that drive me or drag me down. Being able to work deliberately with my thoughts has changed my business and my life. I can move forward with plans with joy and a happy, certain knowledge that the way I think DOES affect my reality most definitely, as a clear Cause and Effect link.”

-Alex S., Franchise Owner (Farnam, Surrey, United Kingdom)

“I want to let you know about some of my personal progress since I started your program one year ago. I set a sales goal for my sales team…and reached it for the first time in our business history; Exceeded $900,000 in one month (an all time sales volume goal); improved role as a husband, father, son & brother; prepared for low winter sales using marketing and won sales contest of 11 branches; broke numerous monthly sales records; grew business 18.5% to a record $7.7 million in sales for the year; increased average job size, closing ratio and thus yield per opportunity; hired and trained one new rep for fastest ramp-up in history; increased referrals, which increased our “warm leads”; exercised more in the last 12 months than in the previous 5 years; working on living life with “no regrets”. Was this (your program) a worthwhile investment? Absolutely. I want to thank my company owners for their investment in me and I thank you Mark for your efforts to improve my life. Your process has allowed me to examine my priorities and gaps in my life and my business.”

-Jim K., Sales Manager (Omaha, Nebraska)

“This program, as I can most clearly put it, is probably the best investment you will ever make in yourself and your business. I now own 4 territories, have General Managers, Field Managers, and Craftsman crews. I have grown revenue 5-fold over the last year, with double digit profit percentages and have developed key processes to keep the star core employees for longevity, not just having a revolving door. I can directly attribute these successes and accomplishments from going through this powerful process. Mark Eldridge and this process have played an instrumental part in the development of my business. His mindset of working on your business is a key element to any business owner’s success and will accelerate your freedom from having a job to being an owner of a business—a business that can operate independently and provide the financial rewards you desire. I have been in the program for nearly two years and this course brings me back to my days of baseball. What I’ve always carried with me in baseball and now apply to my franchise is to be a success on the field or in business, it starts with the coach. A coach is a leader, a visionary, a planner and an “action-maker”. The coach sets the direction, finds the players, coordinates the plan, defines the expectations, and implements to results through practice, guidance and motivation. In addition, the program has been instrumental in continuing to help me think like a coach to attract new star performers that are self-motivated and committed to playing hard between the lines for the entire game. If you are committed to yourself and your team, it is my belief you have no other choice than to commit yourself to this process that Mark has to offer you. The process and Mark Eldridge will set the thinking environment that, over time, will set you free….. Make the choice and sign up.”

-Pete L., Franchise Owner (Lake Stevens, Washington)

“The process has been a very interesting journey thus far.  First off, it has been a great opportunity to share ideas, seek feedback and obtain information from other franchisees.  I cannot begin to tell you how valuable that is.  It has also really changed my business mindset to where I am now working more ON my business and less IN my business.  Many projects to help my operation run smoother were pushed off for years because there were too many day-to-day items that came up that I thought needed my immediate attention.  The important, big picture projects never got done.  Since starting the program, we are system by system setting up an office that can run effectively without me thus creating greater value to the business.  I vividly remember sitting at my “Day of Discovery” with (the Founder). He said to me, “If you want to be a window cleaner, go out and buy a mop and squeegee.  If you want to own and run a business, then look at buying a franchise.”  This goes to the heart of what this program is about.  Vision, leadership, accountability, office processes.  The big ticket items that help us really achieve our goals.  We currently have more employee stability in our office then we have ever had.  I believe this can be attributed to the accountability and processes that we have set up since starting the program.  We run smoother and are keeping our employees! Once you start thinking like a Strategic Business Owner you can really start driving your business in the direction you want it to go.”

-Bob J., Franchise Owner (Lincoln, Nebraska)

“The Mental Toughness University program has opened my mind to a whole new approach to increasing sales and improving our bottom line. As an organization, this course has forced us to take a serious look at our criteria for hiring new people. Mental Toughness is quickly becoming an organizational focal point for the entire employee selection and training process. Our sales reps are focused, more confident, and more emotionally resilient as a result of this training. Reps that used to be intimidated by their doctor customers are no longer afraid. Some of them used to sulk in the office shop after a bad call…now they laugh it off and make another call. This process has changed the way they see the sales process. Bottom line: Our reps are getting tough and our market share is growing. In my 25 years at Ortho-McNeil/Johnson & Johnson, I’ve hired a lot of speakers, trainers, and consultants, and gone through a ton of training programs. I have never seen a process this powerful and this effective. It’s a new approach for a tougher, more stressful, more competitive marketplace. In my opinion, Mental Toughness University picks up where all the other programs leave off.”

-Lou W., Business Director, Fortune 100 Company

“Having finished 3 quarters and going into 4th quarter next week, I have to say that this has been all that I had hoped it to be.  We started off the year with me doing so many things that I couldn’t leave the company for more than a day without losing something.  We set a goal to go on vacation for two weeks, having people and systems in place that would allow the company to function at 100% capacity all the while we were gone.  I am happy to share that we spent 2 full weeks on Maui and checked our e-mail twice and had 3 phone calls.  The rest of the time was pure relaxation and confidence that all was going well back at the office. Moving forward, we look to the sessions for continuing attention to business and personal models and details that will improve profitability and balance in all of our areas of life.  The real added feature is that each quarter we get to spend our training day with other franchise owners and that just adds another level to the experience.”

(The above comments are from Kenny F. after 6 months in our coaching process. Following are comments after 18 months of our coaching process.)

“My wife Carol and I have been attending the sessions for a year and a half. We just completed a session and are looking forward to the next one. One of the highlights of the course for me was when the whole idea of a “Strategic Mindset” began to make sense to me. I began to approach my business from a different place. I stopped doing the same thing over and over and hoping for different results. We are currently working on “Systematizing” our business with written “Processes” that will ultimately add to the value of our business should we ever consider selling. The business should have much more value through systems that work, without me having to be the one doing the work. I am so glad that I made the choice to join this program and have every intention of continuing. We have set business goals toward building a $5,000,000 company and have set personal goals to retire (haven’t decided if we will sell or keep it in the family, either way it will run without me).”

-Kenny F., Franchise Owner (Vancouver, Washington)

For me the results on a business level were astounding. Regardless the size of your business, having clarity of purpose and a carefully constructed plan will ultimately lead to greater business success. Certainly this was the case for me and a critical lesson I learned from the process. With each module Mark delivered a clearly defined approach to optimizing the people, process and systems critical to business success. His familiarity with the challenges of the small business and franchise owner was evident. Each module was presented in a way that enabled participants to implement what made sense for their business. Each module created a foundational level of understanding of critical business processes, from sales to marketing to human resource management and the importance of having clearly documented business processes. By providing clarity around the importance of each of these foundational areas, I was set on a path that has helped me to build a solid and profitable business, one that has value in the marketplace. I strongly believe all our franchisees would benefit immensely from this logical and meaningful approach to becoming an owner of a successful and profitable business, and I fully endorse this program.”

-Donna T., Franchise Owner (Brampton, Ontario, Canada)

“This has been a very valuable tool and mentor to my business and personal life. We first thought it would be just a repeat of the thoughts of E-myth revisited and Franklin Covey Time Management however it is much more. One day per quarter to think and plan and you actually have a dedicated coach, Mark Eldridge, who helps keep you on track at the quarterly meetings. Although I have previously had extensive training in “Franklin Planning” as well as other time and business management programs, this is the first to present an entire long term system to succeed both in my business and personal life. The quarterly sessions have been a huge factor. It gets me out of the office one full day to plan and strategize my life and business, and the weekly (and now daily) reminders have helped me to keep on track. This has helped immensely. The most important lesson has been the realization that this is an entire process (not a quick fix) and that there is a real wheel of balance that you must constantly evaluate to have a successful and happy life. We have developed a clear vision to stay focused on our Ultimate goals and this is a great opportunity to interact with fellow Franchisees. Anyone who has their own business would benefit from this and would be especially helpful for new owners. I wish I had this three years ago. The program has proven invaluable.”

-Curt W., Franchise Owner (Boulder, Colorado)

“I knew in my gut that your unique business coaching and accountability process was the final piece of the puzzle to achieve total franchise owner development and support we were searching for. Many of our owners have said this coaching program has significantly impacted their lives and businesses and is one of the best programs ever offered. This win-win offering has helped our franchisees achieve greater success, personal balance and satisfaction as business owners. I would highly recommend this program to any franchise system looking to help their franchises grow their businesses, the value of those businesses, and to become more effective business leaders and owners. This in turn helps to increase the overall value of the franchise system. True to your word, your coaching process has been supplemental to and in full alignment with our support systems. There have been no conflicts. Everything your business coaches do and say support our systems and the need for our owners to follow and leverage those systems. I also think very highly of your coaching process. Our busy owners get to slow down, think and plan more, and go to work on their businesses, themselves as owners, and their personal lives. Your coaching process introduces our owners to effective mindsets, strategies, and practices and then the on-going accountability converts them into permanent HABITS. That process is powerful and transformative. As you promised, most of our franchises are now working smarter, enjoying richer lives, and building the value of their businesses.”

-Bob H., Senior Vice President, Franchisor (Scottsdale, Arizona)

“Originally I joined the program seeking an avenue to network with other owners that have more experience and larger franchises. If I stop right there and look for nothing else, I am satisfied. However, after 2 Sessions, I have acquired much more than I expected. The program has 2 components that are especially beneficial to the success of my business, as well as, my personal success.

  • Accountability
  • Strategic Thinking “On your biz not in your biz.”

It has given me a process that holds me accountable to develop the things that are improving my business and therefore also improve my personal success. By approaching my business strategically, I am developing processes that are not just band-aids. They are overhauls that have already had impact. The meetings will pay for themselves in networking ideas alone. Add on the fact that you are being taught and trained to be a CEO and not an employee and I can’t lose. Mark, our trainer, brings a great deal of “real world” experience. His passionate and honest approach makes the sessions meaningful and thought provoking.

I would recommend this investment for anyone that wants to:

  • Grow the business
  • Work less
  • Make more money
  • Have more fun
  • Increase value”

-Tommy C., Franchise Owner (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma)

“I am writing to thank you for this process and to share with other business owners the ways my business has benefited from the process. I believe every small business owner needs to be part of a coaching process to gain ongoing direction, evaluation and accountability. This program offers franchisees some unique benefits over other coaching processes. The greatest value I have found in the process has been the ability to view my business from a long term perspective. I know where my business is going and what I need to do to get it there. I can see my business in three to five years in the future, with me functioning as a true CEO, successfully operating with me completely removed from day to day operations. This long term perspective has helped me keep my eyes on the prize, even when I am living through one of those weeks or months where things don’t look so rosy. Furthermore, the process has provided the accountability I need to keep me working on strategic aspects of my business and not get swallowed up in the day to day. I know that long term this will provide dividends. It has also been very beneficial and just plain fun to be in the program with a group of our fellow franchisees. On a quarterly basis we get to have an informal operational review and strategic planning session. We have the opportunity to share ideas and ways to make our businesses better. We have some great people in the franchise. You will benefit just by getting together with them on a quarterly basis. I encourage all franchisees to consider participating. It will benefit your business and your personal life.

Dave H., Franchise Owner (Overland Park, Kansas)

“Now that I am nearing the completion of the two year cycle, I can clearly see how this process has positively impacted both my business and my family life. Small business owners are usually faced with racing from issue to issue (sometimes crisis to crisis!) and rarely have time to reflect on their values, goals, strategies, and the tactics necessary to achieve what they want from life. One of the many reasons the program is so effective is that these values, goals, etc. are unique to each of us and reflect what is important to each person, be it family, financial, business, spiritual, or any other part of our lives. None of these areas are independent of the others, so they must be considered together as a whole, and the program embraces that concept. This process has helped me develop my business in a more timely and effective way, and I feel this process is and will be an important part of my growth as an owner and the building success of my business. By focusing on more than just business, it has helped me keep my life in better balance, which is better for my family, for my business, and for me. I am looking forward to completing the process, and to learning more about how this process can continue on into the future. Thank you for your fine work.”

Chuck H., Franchise Owner (Ellisville, Missouri)

“As the owner of three emerging franchise concepts we find the services and value that your program brings to our franchisees through their quarterly sessions invaluable. Their approach to life and strategic business ownership just makes plain sense. The program challenges and encourages our franchisees in many aspects of their business. Beyond that, they have helped our franchisees embrace the fact that success in life and success in business are intermingled and that a holistic approach needs to be taken professionally AND personally to realize true success. They help our franchisees identify not only good business principles to follow but more importantly what and why they got into business for themselves in the first place. Understanding where you want to be is your first step in a successful journey to that end. A large part of the sessions involves bringing the franchisees (business owners) to the realization that the level of success of their business is completely up to them. As a franchisor this single fact that is conveyed is worth the investment alone as it can be very difficult to convey that point to individuals in your own franchise system. The program’s strength lies in the ability to help people grow and develop into stronger, more business-minded owners that can achieve that goal. The program is a great leadership development tool that we are proud to recommend to our franchisees, and Mark Eldridge is an excellent facilitator. We know that having Mark take our franchisees through quarterly sessions is a great leadership development tool for our franchisees as business owners and ultimately the health of our system.”

-Aaron M., Owner and President, Franchisor (Lincoln, Nebraska)

“When I signed up to be part of this pilot group, I was skeptical but hopeful that there truly was a way to balance work and life.  If there was a secret to achieving this balance, I certainly wanted to be one of the first to do so. Participating in the program has forced me to look in the mirror on a regular basis to evaluate and acknowledge what is and is not working in my business and my life. Dedicating myself to this process has helped me clarify my personal and business goals, eliminate clutter and keeps me focused on my “big picture”. I look forward to the time I set aside to review my planner and to the quarterly meetings.  Now, even when there are many things in my business that need attention, I feel much more in control of the situation.  I feel that I am a better owner and adding value to my business daily by keeping myself focused on the high value tasks. We are only in the 2nd quarter of a 2 year commitment and the experience has already exceeded my expectations.  I have less stress, more time, and greater focus.  I feel like I am getting my life back.”

-Dariane M., Franchise Owner (Middleton, New York)

“What’s impressive about this program is the on-going, focused process that coaches me to work “on” my business versus work “in” my business. Creating this habit has already helped me immensely. I’m getting more of the right things done: important , high priority tasks that are essential for a strategic business owner. At the same time, I’m learning to leverage my people and systems to achieve efficiency and effectiveness. I’m also laying the foundation to take my franchise to the next level. I’ve benefitted from all six of our sessions and I’m highly anticipating the subject matter and dialogue with fellow franchisees at our next gathering. I’m also looking forward to a future of working less, earning more, enjoying life, fulfilling dreams and building substantial business value.”

-Dave M., Franchise Owner (Toledo, Ohio)

“I just wanted to take this opportunity to personally thank you for all that the sessions have done for me, both on a personal and business level. I have just completed my 7th Quarter session and have only good things to say about the entire program. It is not always been easy for me to think like a strategic business owner, but the sessions have kept me focused on those traits, actions, and characteristics that are so important to becoming a successful business owner. Without this focus, it is way too easy to become bogged down in all the excruciating day-to-day issues of running a business. Because of you and your organization, I have been able to step away from a lot of the day-to-day clutter and really focus on growing my business. Your program also stresses the importance of growth in our personal life, and I am happy to report that I have made many improvements in that area as well. Your program has been a real asset for me and my business. All the sessions have been very thought provoking and encourage necessary change. You have done a great job in presenting this information and facilitating our sessions. I am very thankful for the opportunity to be enrolled in this program. This is a “must do” for any business owner. Thanks again for all that you have done for me and my business.”

-Steve H., Franchise Owner (Shoemakersville, Pennsylvania)

“I wanted to send a brief note of thanks and appreciation for the excellent program that Mark Eldridge has provided to our franchise system. He has helped our franchisees to think and act like strategic business owners. In fact, we now strongly endorse your process to our entire system of over 127 franchisees and corporate staff. Our technical expertise and support combined with their unique coaching process makes for a winning formula. I’d highly recommend this program to every franchise owner serious about growing their business. We rolled out the opportunity for any willing franchise owner and their managers to attend and participate in the program delivered in regional areas by Mark Eldridge. Our participation was significant, over 74 people, and the resulting feedback has been tremendous. We are experiencing offices growing at a much faster and more successful pace than prior to the program. We are regularly thanked by franchisees for offering a program with such immediate impact into the system. I recommend the program to all franchisors with which I come into contact!”

-Colette B., CEO, Franchisor (Denver, Colorado)

“I have truly enjoyed this process so far.  I use the word process because of the time it takes to evolve the business to where I know it can be.  Even after 1 quarter, the program has helped so much but the fact that I get to go back each quarter is even more exciting…there is so much more to be done!  In addition to the program itself being beneficial, I have learned so much just from the interaction with all the other franchise owners; before, during and after the sessions. Here are the biggest ways the program has impacted my business and personal life:

  1. Being away for a night and 1 full day to focus on nothing else but improving my business is invaluable.  When was the last time I had done that?  Never.  This is focused, uninterrupted and targeted to our franchise owners.
  2. I am definitely working “On” the business more than “In” the business prioritizing what will have the biggest impact for my time.
  3. We have clarified roles even more than before and I am working hard to develop people instead of doing it myself allowing even more time to focus “on” the most impactful things.
  4. I am more organized and have definitely removed much of the “day to day clutter” in my personal life and my business life.
  5. I am enjoying my designated family time and not feeling guilty at work about home and guilty at home about work.
  6. I had set 2 personal goals, exercise more and one I won’t specify :-), but I have exceeded both of these since September.

Thanks for the opportunity and for finding us such a worthwhile investment.”

-Gina B., Franchise Owner (Lake Mary, Florida)

Since starting with the process I have had a total change in my mindset or perspective on what is possible with my business. I was not thinking big enough! In the end of this 2 year focus, I know my franchise will be worth at least two or three times as much as when I started. I am truly beginning to work ON the business and not IN the business. I do not go to my office before 8:30 or 9AM in the morning and I am doing much more in my gross revenue. Getting the people and systems in place to accomplish this has been a big part of what the program has done for my franchise. It has absolutely focused my energies on strategic and fundamental areas that needed change and improvement in my office. Quarterly meetings hold me accountable to meet my new objectives before the next meeting! No one else I know is doing this for his or her business. No one else makes the changes each quarter to improve like I do. The skills I am learning through this program have definitely helped me in mapping out a plan to get revenues exceeding 1 million per year. And that’s just the start. I know I will sell my franchise someday for a whole lot more than the typical franchise owner. I would definitely recommend to any Franchisee that they consider participating in this program.”

-Kirk S., Franchise Owner (Edina, Minnesota)

“How do we escape the trap of “Working in our Business” versus gaining freedom by learning how to “Work on our Business”? The answer is we need the help of a coach, a proven success system and our own willingness to step out of our comfort zone. I found such a solution when I crossed paths with Mark Eldridge. I have participated in this effective process for about a year and can state without reservation that their program produces fantastic results! My exposure to their coaching program has helped me identify and develop new revenue streams for our business that will put us on track for our best year since our consulting practice was founded!! The ideas, information and proven process they have mastered has helped me achieve greater balance in my life. I strongly recommend Mark Eldridge if you are serious about achieving better results in everything you do. Don’t delay working with them if you really want to achieve your personal and professional best.

-Jerome H., Chief Operating Officer (Omaha, Nebraska)

“I am working less and less in the business and more and more on the business. I have been able to leverage the talent of the people I am surrounded with towards my personal goal to have an asset that serves me, not a job that I serve. I am able to walk away at the end of the day, and forget the work. The time I spend thinking strategically is my personal retreat. I value this day big time! It is a great investment in time and money. My wife thinks so too because this process reminds me of my priorities, which puts her way ahead of the business. I started with you about 4 months after I started my business, and your process set my feet on the right path. We are starting our 3rd year, and we’ve been recognized by our franchise as the # 1 franchise in the world out of approximately 125 businesses. My business can now run whether I am there or not. What I love about this is the fact that I have choices, and I am not a slave to my business. The goal that you stated to me at the outset ‘A business on auto-pilot’ rang in my ears and motivated me like few other goals have. I am well on my way, and for that I owe you a debt of gratitude.”

(The above comments are from Mike K. after his first full year in our coaching process. Following are comments after his second year and after he sold his business.)

“I remember the first time I met you at Vidlak’s and you said that you would help me build substantial business value and that I should start looking at my business’s value as deferred income. This inspired me to build a business that had substantial value so I could realize the promise you made if and when I sold. I began to see results immediately. I met you in my 4th month in business and by the end of my first year in business, I had been recognized by my franchise as the “Top Grower” in the entire USA. Here I am in Omaha and Lincoln and I am #3 in the country in sales my first full year. I continued to apply the Priority Management System that you taught me and by the end of my second year I was the “Top Sales” out of 120+ units worldwide even with all the more talented people added to the mix. I was the first Franchisee ever to top the $1,000,000 sales mark in a year. The “road map” you helped me create worked! Not only was my business thriving, but also it was running practically without me. This freed me to do what I wanted to do. I had the freedom to spend time with my family. You have helped me see a world of abundance and a hope for the future. My worldview has been changed forever and my life will be forever changed. If not for meeting you and if not for your system, I would have never accomplished what I did. Thank you! As you know Mark, I decided to sell my business. I know you want numbers on business value to substantiate the effectiveness of your process, but to me those numbers are secondary. I will however say that you were right! I did see deferred income in the form of substantial business value. You kept your promise! Thanks again for showing me how to keep my priorities in focus and for helping me realize the dream I set out to make a reality!

-Mike K., Franchise Owner (Omaha, Nebraska)

“The process is invaluable, and every franchisee should go through this program with an exclusive group (composed of) all our franchisees. The strategic planning and focusing process, mindset shifting, strong strategic content (strategic selling, marketing, leadership, people management, business planning and systems), and the way Mark ties everything together is superior to other programs I’ve seen. Another huge differentiator and benefit of the program is the fact that we go through this process and learn with other franchisees. We’re able to receive both a superior coaching process and learn from each other as we share best practices throughout the process. It’s a perfect win-win scenario. I’m more productive and more energized when working, and I’m able to work less and get more accomplished. Mark’s process has enabled us to be the first franchisee to reach the million dollar mark. Without question his program has been the primary reason for reaching this milestone.

Some other specific benefits I’ve received as a direct result of Mark’s program include:

  • More Business Value: My business is definitely more valuable now. More important is the fact that I now know what to do to continue building my business into an asset that serves me instead of me serving the asset. With Mark’s experience as a CPA, business broker, business owner and franchise coach, he has strong knowledge and expertise in what it takes to build real business value. As Mark taught me, my franchise is my retirement asset, and every dollar I increase its value is deferred income I’ll receive when the day comes to sell.
  • Accountability: Having accountability in this process is what makes this very strong. Mark has done an excellent job keeping us accountable throughout the entire process. By continuing to face my challenges and issues with complete honesty, the process has enabled me to actually accomplish my goals instead of just writing them down.
  • Keeping Me Focused On Both Short And Long Term Targets: The process has given me clarity on my targets. Mark taught me the difference between targets and goals which created a big mindset shift. By knowing my targets, I’m able to put together a specific action plan that includes my most vital short and long term goals.
  • Helping My Partner And I Get On The Same Page: We’ve been able to clarify what each of our roles and responsibilities are. Prior to this program, we were operating more blindly on what we were trying to accomplish and where we wanted to take our franchise business. Now we have absolute clarity on our journey and destination. Mark has us work on both our business and personal visions. This one exercise alone has done two things: 1) created clarity in our vision, direction, priorities, targets, goals, strategies, and tactics. 2) expanded our awareness of the possibilities we have in front of us. We now have a much larger vision, the belief that we will reach it, and we know there are no limits on our ever expanding vision.
  • Staff Development Ideas: Everyone knows that one critical factor in our business is hiring and training the right staff. I’ve been able to make significant improvements in our hiring and development practices. We now have a very efficient staff development system from initial interview, hiring, and training. Our level of service and effectiveness with our clients has considerably improved.

The benefits are all around. As each franchisee goes through Mark’s program, their franchise becomes more valuable, my franchise becomes more valuable, and the value of the entire franchise system increases. This leads to more and faster new franchise sales resulting in more value in our brand for everyone. I wholeheartedly believe every franchisee should go through this program and that our corporate office should even consider making it mandatory. The benefits far exceed the costs.”

-Jon L., Franchise Owner (Maple, Ontario, Canada)


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