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Train-the-trainer-training-to-achieveAs part of the Think. Focus. Act. philosophy of providing our clients with the absolute best fit for their needs, we offer several options for interested individuals and organizations to assume all or part leadership of our programs. Depending on your circumstances and needs, you can be trained to take over one hundred percent or a portion of the training and coaching. If becoming TFA certified is of interest to you, there will be a qualification required. If qualified, you will be given the necessary training in order to effectively deliver our proprietary programs. The specific structure of this arrangement will be determined once we both agree on your current and future needs and desires.


Whether you’re an individual looking for a new career in coaching, an existing coach looking to improve and expand your services, or an organization wanting more effective training and coaching for your team, we encourage you to look at your options.  You will not find any program remotely close to what TFA offers for the investment.  We’d love to discuss this with you so you can can see for yourself how our value compares to other options out there.

TFA Program Value and ROI Is Exceptional

TFA Program Value and ROI Is Exceptional

TFA License and Additional Revenue Stream

If you’re looking to add an additional revenue stream, a TFA license might be a good option.  The TFA license is suitable for certain organizations looking for an additional revenue stream, existing coaches and trainers looking to improve and expand, and those who are new to coaching. For example, a CPA firm can offer our valuable coaching services and products to their clients.  Not only does this create an additional revenue stream but it also strengthens the relationships immensely with their clients.  This also creates more loyalty and long-term commitment from these clients.

Being a CPA and having strong CPA firm past experience gives Mark Eldridge a unique perspective for CPAs and other professional service providers. His knowledge and experience as a previous CPA firm managing partner, experience working with large organizations such as franchise systems, and the highly effective TFA programs makes him an invaluable resource for CPA firms, other professional services firms, franchise systems, and corporations with internal training and coaching needs.


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